Are You a Great Multitasker? Maybe Not


We’re moms. Multitasking is as natural as running our business with a child on our hip while getting our kids to do chores. We multitask all day, every day. As we navigate this thing called motherhood, we fall into the daily traps of trying to do it all, at the same time.

A child comes home from school and we need to cook dinner. As we start dinner, we realize the floor needs to be mopped. When we check our child’s homework, we realize there are toys on the floor. Instead of leaving them alone, we jump to it. It’s all gotta get done somehow.

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Do you agree? Do you have tips?

37 thoughts on “Are You a Great Multitasker? Maybe Not”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I think I can multitask like a champ. And whatever I can’t get done, can wait, right?

  2. I try to be one lol! But as a mom is very difficult to try to do everything at the same time. I try to make a list of the things I need to do that help me a lot ^_^

  3. I multi-task all the time and have never had issues with it until the last few years. Now I think it is best for me to concentrate on one thing and get it done. Lists always help me too.

  4. Gosh I try to be a good multi-tasked and about 70% of the time I accomplish it. I generally get into trouble because I have problems delegating. I am getting better thank goodness.

  5. I think the big part is not stressing over it, because then you will overeat and gain weight. Do what must be done first, and then prioritize the rest.

  6. I like to think I’m a decent multi-tasker but I suppose I could be better at managing my time and scheduling different times for certain activities instead of overlapping and half-way paying attention to my tasks.

  7. I am a multitasker too! Every since I worked from home, I think I’ve done a great job doing different tasks all at once.

  8. I’m not a mom, but I’d say Im a good & organized multi-tasker. My brain just has to be busy all the time and I’m happy to share that I get things done.

  9. I love this book. I do multitask, even though we’re not supposed to do that! I think for household things, it’s ok. I watch TV while folding laundry, or things like that. It’s a must for parenting.
    As for my actual work, I time manage instead. I do only ONE thing, but I time it for a half hour or hour, and then work on another project for the same amount of time.

  10. I try my best at doing things mindfully and finishing one task at a time other wise I get overwhilmed.
    I really have to slow down and focus its’ so easy to get into auto polit mode and we can often forget things that are important if we are not mindful if what we do.

  11. I can multitask pretty well but I must make sure to give myself a break. If I don’t take a break I will end up getting overwhelmed and crashing.

  12. Sounds interesting. I always try to be as best as a multi tasking person. Being a mom of two & working from home has given so much of such multi-tasking experience. But sometimes it can fail too, when you are overloaded with tasks over tasks!

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