Rooted Readers Book Drive was a Success!

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Rooted Readers Book Drive was a Success!

A few months ago, I started a campaign to help low income children receive books through a local event called the Community Baby Shower, hosted by National Coalition of 100 Black Women – West Palm Beach. This year marked the 15th year of hosting the Community Baby Shower, and every year, we help around 100 pregnant women with this pregnancy. The help comes in the form of information, access to resources and baby items and goods for use when the baby is born.

rooted readers book drive

Rooted Readers was born and our first event, the book drive, started.

I was excited. Friends from all around started giving books. As I requested new and gently used books, I really expected the vast majority of them to be used (a little more than gently).

Boy, was I mistaken. I received mostly new, some gently used and about a dozen more-than-gently used out of 130 books received!

With summer here, my final push ended up being more of a fizzle as I’ve been carting around three children and trying to keep them occupied (and keep my sanity).

When I arrived at the pre-event diaper bag packing, I was startled to see about 400-500 more books just waiting. I figured those were the ones that had been promised by the Literacy Coalition. I was wrong in the best way, these were books donated in addition to those.

We never got a final count because there were boxes and boxes of books. That said, I do know each mom went home with three books in their diaper bag, then took anywhere from 3-6 more books. I would estimate the final total to be about 700 books! That’s a good 200 over my initial goal.

I would have to say Rooted Readers Book Drive was a success! 

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Next year, I’ll know that I can’t wait until the last minute to do the final push, unless I have strong plans for my children.

That’s not all. With the upcoming school year coming, another book drive will begin taking place so that we can start the school year off right with book bags and books!

Plus, Rooted Readers is actually going to become a non-profit organization. We’re in the works to develop a more comprehensive plan to work with other organizations to help them achieve early literacy for all children.

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