New Podcast Episode: Run Your World {Behind Every Great Man Stands A Great Woman}

The end of the school year has really put a damper in the consistency of my podcast recording, but I am finally starting to get the hang. Take a listen to Run Your World and let me know what you think!


In the midst of all the world chaos, couples standing side by side is the most apparent for long term success. April and Kweyah address one of the harder subjects where women will break down their men instead of build them up.

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31 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode: Run Your World {Behind Every Great Man Stands A Great Woman}”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Men’s and women’s brains work differently, so I think we have to work together. We just look at things differently.

  2. I agree with that statement: “behind every great man stands a great women.” I have bookmarked your page to come back and listen to your podcast! I’m looking forward to it!! Thanks!!

  3. You have a great podcast. After listening to 8 minutes of it, I wish that you would have focused on ALL women and ALL men. Your discussions affect ALL people. Something to consider for a higher reach of listeners?

  4. CourtneyLynne

    Hahaha love this!! You are correct when you say behind every great man stands a great woman. I’m a about the power couple! Great people working together will always succeed

  5. I’ve seen women break men down. And vice versa. It’s never made a lick of sense to me why they would want to.

  6. I agree with your statement, I’ve never tried to listen in podcast but this one sounds interesting.

  7. We still have three weeks of school but I’m totally thrown in a tizzy! It just happens.
    I always think that my husband and I are so different but really have the potential to do great things together.
    But we’re so different.. wow.

  8. Men can tear down women just as easy and it a struggle to sometime find nice things to say to one another if there is a lot of stress going on. I think the key to making both sides happy is self care we don’t do enough of that. Speaking to each other instead of holding things in and making sure your not building up resentment to each other is also key. I’m going to come back and listen to the podcast when I have a little free time.

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more. Every great man does have a great woman (mother, sister, friend, wife) standing behind them and it’s wonderful when men give these women recognition.

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