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Just Plain Practical and Helpful Parenting Advice {Lose the Cape Review}

When I received my copy of Lose the Cape to review, I thought it was going to be another funny take on the humor of parenting.

But it wasn’t.

It was better. It was just plain practical and helpful parenting advice.

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Bunny, Bee and Butterfly are my heart, but they are also my major stressors.

I spend my days trying to educate, motivate, feed, transport and nurture my children. In short, it’s really exhausting.

I wanted to read the book because I thought it would make me laugh. I didn’t feel so alone in the pressures of managing to be a full-time wife and mother while working to bring in an income, all while being a loving, kind and let’s not forget the Pintastic crafty mom!

Instead, I finished reading the book feeling empowered to solve some of the lingering issues in our house.

Lose the Cape Book Breakdown

The book breaks down 11 Modern Mommy Stresses and gives the reader actual and practical tips along with solutions.

In each chapter, a “stress” is presented and described. As you read, you think of your own accounts of the same stress and you can feel the dread overwhelm you, especially on those hard days.

Then, they outline a series of tips that can make that stress a little more managable, like Tip 4 in Modern Mom Stress No. 6 ~ The Spouse Factor:

Divvy up the work, including the “INVISIBLE task list”!
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I’d like to think that I’m really good at this… except that invisible, ever growing task list that I never really tell to anyone else, but somehow I expect that I (and they) will accomplish.

Not to say I never thought about this, I was confronted with the solution, a real solution, that maybe, just maybe if I did would make my life a little easier. I determined that I actually tell my husband that I need his help on these things ~ all of these things.

My Favorite Chapter

My favorite chapter was Modern Mom Stress No. 11: Finding “Me” Time. I don’t find “me” time. To clarify, I’m learning to find “me” time. I’m trying to have a little bit of me back in my life, my marriage and my motherhood. Where do I find myself though?

Tip 1: Make a “happy” list.

Really? I don’t even know anymore. I haven’t done things that made “me” happy in so long.

I would love to play volleyball, but how do I find at least five other people who want to play between 9-10 p.m.?

I try to read, but I find myself falling asleep. I try to

I would love to get a massage, but those cost money.

I’m in search for “me” and making time is essential, regardless of whether I know who “me” is anymore.

Lose the Cape made me laugh about my experiences, reconsider how I manage my household and think about thing that would make my life easier.

Lose the Cape is a necessary read for any mom.

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