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I awoke Tuesday morning ready to take on the day as usual… trying to balance mommying, working and housework. The day didn’t start out as normal though. One thing was off. Well, more specifically, one little one. Butterfly was not fluttering around as she typically does.

Breakfast was light, a Cheerio or two was all she ate. She only ate half of her mozzarella cheese stick and even that took her twenty minutes. On a regular day, it disappears in about five minutes.

I am not one to jump at small changes in my children’s behavior, but today was different. On top of everything above, she didn’t want to be put down…at all. To say that the morning was slow and unproductive is an understatement. After some rocking, walking and cradling, I finally got her down for a nap.

Hate Wasting Sick Days

Soon thereafter, Bunny’s school called letting me know that he did not feel well and had not consumed his lunch. I was waiting for the question “Can you come to pick him up?”

Darn it, thankfully I just got her to sleep.

I texted my husband, Jeff, more to keep him in the loop, and less for him to “do” something. He was at work and quite frankly, when he’s working, there’s not much that he “does” for the house. Don’t make any mistake, I don’t expect him to drop things when life happens at home.

So, his response surprised me. “I can get him.” I hadn’t even told him that the baby was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her. Thankfullyhe volunteered to bring my son home.

The rest of the day went as expected, except that thankfully I had Jeff’s extra pair of hands to help me through the messes, diaper changes and vomits by two of my children.

Of course, while switching between cleaning up after the kids and holding them, I get an urgent message for a last minute change to a prospectus for a client of mine. When exactly would I get to editing this before the night was out? I had already spent hours working on it the night before and I had no idea how much would be entailed in this edit. Thankfully, it wasn’t too intensive and I managed to get it done within a couple of hours.

The next day brought more thanks when my husband decided to take a whole day off of work to help me out. Jeff only has hundreds of hours of sick time which he never takes (hence the hundreds of hours).

I was hoping to wake up Thursday and all would be normal again. It wasn’t. Still illness coming out of both ends of two of my children and I have to say I was thankful that Jeff took a THIRD day off. Well, he took a part of a day off. I was willing to take anything. Anything was helpful.

By the end of Thursday, I was thankful that Bunny and Butterfly were in better spirits and eating real food again. Although I don’t mind Bunny home from school, with it being testing “season”, I don’t like him missing in class lessons.

It’s Thursday night now and my children are thankfully in clean beds with clean pillows and clean pajamas. In short, lots of laundry was done this week. Lots.

Thankfully, no matter how I feel about our relationship, God somehow has Jeff show me how much he loves me and us, right on time.

And my final thankful comes from this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday.

When I was fourteen, I was invited to prom by a starter on the football team and class officer. He was one of the most popular kids in the senior class. I told him I had to ask my parents, because I was just that good of a girl. When I came back to tell him I could go, he had asked someone else.

Prom night was a rainy one… one that poses all sorts of additional problems, especially those on the road. My would-be date got a flat tire and never made it to prom.

Thankfully, I did not go with him.


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