BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor {Review}

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

I’ve never owned a heart rate monitor before. As I am I trying to lose weight, my doctor recommended that I get my heart rate within the targeted range, also known as the “fat burning zone” for at least 10 minutes a day, every day. I’ve seen the heart rate monitor on the machines in the gym, but hadn’t done much research into ones that you take home.

When I had the opportunity to review a BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor, I couldn’t be more elated. I needed this.

After cracking it open, I had to figure out what my target heart rate zone.

Heart Rate
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Goal: check.

Putting on the BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor wasn’t difficult.  I put it over my head, slid it down and adjusted it right under my bra. I placed the sensors against my skin and attached the little box. Because I was already moving from cleaning up after my girls, I didn’t need to add water to the sensors.

Wear: check. 

I did not have any problem with it syncing to my Samsung Galaxy S4. However, I wish it explained what apps it worked with before it talked about automatically syncing. My phone recognized the device immediately, but I had to keep reading to figure out how to use it. I didn’t have any of the compatible apps, so I chose MapMyRun.

Source: BeetsBLU
Google Play Apps Source: BeetsBLU

As soon as I downloaded the app, MapMyRun synced with BeetsBLU Heart Rate Monitor.

Sync: check.

I was quickly able to determine my heart rate. I went for my first run, and was able to track my heart rate with the app throughout the run.

Exercise: check.

I have had the monitor for a week and have not had any issues.

Get yours today!

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  1. I do want one! I have a dinky app on my phone that takes heart rates but it’s always wrong. My doctor told me how to check my own and the monitor is always too high for resting.

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