An Unusual Week of Feeling Accomplished

At the end of my world, I want to know I did something, affected someone, completed something. The days I hate most are the ones that I feel like nothing got done, including spending time with my children.

I have days like that. Days where I do “stuff” all day long, but by the time I lay my head, I can’t really remember what that “stuff” was.

Thankfully, that wasn’t this week. Lots of kid time, cleaning time, friend time and wife time.

My cousin came into town and we had a blast. Mini shots of Jack Daniel’s, the gym and a beautiful walk along the beach. I was able to fully enjoy her company, with the children during the day, without at night. Although in regards to working out, I’m glad she left. I realize that I’m not in the place to enjoy a “regular” gym, and have been really enjoying my time at CrossFit over the last month.

palm beach city

I started a book drive for low income families a little while ago and I was trying to create my own logo. After weeks of trying, I’ve given the project over to another cousin that hopefully bring it to life. I’ve seen drafts and it’s getting there. In the meantime, I have been asked to provide a flyer to pass out, and I finally finished it.

Rooted Readers - Full page -

My sister in law has been gracious enough to ask her students to support the drive and some friends and family have donated some books. It looks like I will hit my minimum mark of 150 books. Of course, I would still love more… a lot more. My ultimate goal is over 500.

After such a rough last week, we were healthy enough to finally to family photos. It’s been about three years and none with Butterfly. Alee Carter from Your Life Photography took over 400 photos, mostly because even though she was healthy, Butterfly was not ready to entertain or be entertained.

Family Photo

She is finally in better spirits and can give me a smile like this instead. I know it’s a soft smile, but I love her little grins.


After over a week hiatus, we completed our third podcast. It was cut short due to time constraints, but our next one should make up for it and possibly we’ll have a guest! So far, I’m loving the experience and the idea.

Spring is here. I’ve never done it before but I’m so ready to clean this house from top to bottom. Over the last month, I’ve been cleaning the garage box by box, with a growing give away/donate pile. I don’t look forward to cleaning the bathrooms or the floors, but I have my husband and son to help, right?

My birthday is next week and I’ve told my husband that I wanted to go out of town. He’s planning to surprise me, but I’ve been thinking of much more. If time were no option, I would love to do a European tour. You know, one that’s up and down or left and right of the Mediterranean. I would love to venture into each country and spend some real time see the historic aspects that we just don’t really have here in the states.

Blog hopping this week, I was inspired by these posts which made me feel like I could get some things done: Fun Snacks for Healthy Kids, 9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund, and On the Last Day of My World.

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Thank you, Bernadyn for inspiring part of this post.

18 thoughts on “An Unusual Week of Feeling Accomplished”

  1. Butterfly is BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, love that picture of her; she looks so adorable!

    Interesting that you’ve been exploring CrossFit. I joined a box a year ago, and have been going ever since. Not as regularly as I would have liked (real life keeps interrupting), but each time that I go and complete an entire workout I feel a bit better the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

  2. Well she is just a cutey-patootie your wee Butterfly! And I love the family photo you posted. Sounds like you’ve had one busy, successful week. I’m inspired. Thank you. I’ve got so much cleaning up to do around here before my two start arriving home from college. But I can do this. RIght?

  3. “up and down or left and right of the Mediterranean” — yes, please! I loved reading about all of these parts of your life this week. So much richness and connection and meaning. And your little one’s face–omg. So beautiful.

  4. I love that photo of Butterfly! What a sweetheart. It sounds like you got a lot done, and got to spend some real quality time with your cousin.

  5. Aw Butterfly!! So adorable. I’m glad you finally got some family photos taken too – love the one you posted. And so wonderful that you got so much done – what a great feeling. Also, can you email me about the book drive? I’d like to participate – either by shipping you some books or by doing something locally…

  6. I love a good book drive, especially one that is for a great cause! I have also been kicking around the idea of a podcast but have no clue on how to get started.

  7. When you have a husband and son to help you are definitely lucky. 🙂 Good luck with the cleaning! And looking forward to your guest.

  8. What a wonderful, inspiring post April – thank you! And the most beautiful photos. My face and heart are smiling after reading your lovely words and seeing your gorgeous family.
    “At the end of my world, I want to know I did something, affected someone, completed something.” Love. And yes.

  9. My birthday is in July and I’m already planning a getaway! Not sure if with or without the kids.
    I feel very accomplished too. My husband is away on day five in Brazil and won’t be back until the weekend. I’ve been doing a lot – working and solo parenting AND it’s spring break so no school or daycare to rescue me.

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