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It’s another Friday and I’m so happy to be here as a blogger in 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion (#1000Speak). 1000Speak started with an understanding that even though we might get older, we still all need the metaphorical village around us, and the compassion of others in our lives. Then the sudden thought happened – what if 1000 of us wrote about compassion all at once? From there, the movement has taken on its own life; has burgeoned and grown and spread a whole lot of love and connection and ‘villageyness’.


I’m again linking up with a few blog hops! Don’t worry, this post won’t be nearly as long as last week’s post!

I can’t say I was the nicest person growing up. As I’ve gotten older, I realized I was probably mean to some people, but not consciously. I was unhappy, very unhappy and quite frankly, it didn’t seem like anyone cared. So, I didn’t either.

Thankfully, I’ve matured and I’ve become a much more compassionate, non-judgmental person. Not to say I don’t have my flaws, but instead of 10 questions for #AskAwayFriday, I decided to do 10 ways one can show compassion:

Compassion #1000Speak (1)

Caring About Others ~ Opening Your Heart ~ Maintaining an Open Mind ~ Putting Aside Feelings ~
Altruistic Spirit ~ Sympathetic Soul ~ Sensitive Nature ~ Insightful Understanding ~
Overlooking Transgressions ~ Never Unkind


I’m finishing the sentence ~ “Compassion is important because…” without it, many of us will get lost in the shuffle. Compassion is what holds together people when things aren’t really going their way, whether its their fault or not. Being compassionate gives people hope for the future. Compassion can spread like wildfire! So get to it!


10 Things of Thankful: Compassion Edition

I’m thankful for the compassion that:

1. Others show me. I have made mistakes and I am eternally grateful for the compassion others have shown me by their forgiveness.

2a. My children show me. As a parent, I’m often not sure of how to act or react. Voices get raised and yelling ensues, but my children do not harbor anger or resentment.

2b. My children show each other. As much as they fight, when one is hurt or upset, the others come to give the biggest hugs and kisses.

2c. My children show others. Over and over again, I’m told by others how sweet, kind and caring that my children are. They are quick to come to another’s aid and give to them before taking for themselves… even my little Bee (well, to others, just not her sister!).

3a. My husband shows me. Marriage can be rough and although I try to be considerate as much as I can, it’s not always the case. My husband, through all of our journey, has shown me compassion.

3b. My husband shows others. As with my children, my husband will sometimes help others to the detriment of himself, but that’s one of the great things about him. I know he’ll protect himself, but I also know he’ll help others in need and show them compassion.

4. Charities show those in need. A non-profit that I’m involved with has an annual event called the Community Baby Shower. We give advice, tools and baby items to those in need. Normally, these people are judged and we work to show them compassion and a helping hand.

5. Television hopes to expose. My children and I were watching Brain Games (a family favorite) and in an episode, it showed how compassion is contagious. When you show compassion, the person who’s receiving your compassion is likely to show compassion to others. I love that it was presented in a scientific way.

6a. The blogging community has shown my series, Relationships in the Raw, I’ve not only had support by providing content, but I’ve seen compassion for my writers, who had to break out from behind their screens and share their stories.

6b. The blogging community has shown in this movement. #1000Speak means more than just the blogging community coming together, but sharing in the compassion that will hopefully spread through our real life communities as well.

I know the numbering is a little wonky, but there’s definitely 10!

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71 thoughts on “Spread the Compassion with #1000Speak”

  1. April, I too wasn’t always perfect at being kind and compassionate to others especially in my teens, as I was truly very selfish, as well just dramatic at times, but still glad that as I am getting older, I am growing into a more tolerant and compassionate person, as well.

  2. Your first paragraph – I can’t say I was the nicest person growing up. As I’ve gotten older, I realized I was probably mean to some people, but not consciously. I was unhappy, very unhappy and quite frankly, it didn’t seem like anyone cared. So, I didn’t either.
    I could have written nearly every word myself and that is part of what drove my #1000Speak post. Here’s what I wish – that as we realize we may have hurt others and reach out to them in peace and love that they would do the same in return. It’s hard to forgive, but to refuse? Only makes things so much worse for everyone.
    Well done collection of hops – that’s quite a post!

    1. Yes! I can often see how me being in a “mood” can spread through the house. So, sometimes I know I have to put on a smile, because it changes them, which in turn makes my smile real. Can’t wait to read your post!

  3. The past is behind us and the day is new. Tomorrow we can show compassion and love to make a difference. It doesn’t matter about our mistakes in the past. I loved reading your post. You were so open and honest.

  4. I don’t think I was the nicest person growing up either, and I worry about my kids being like I was. Ugh.
    My children show me compassion, and to each other too. It’s so amazing.

    1. Very much. I think that hurts me more than anything, when I find my son being mean others. I strongly believe that “Hurt people, hurt people”. So when he hurts someone else, it’s because he’s hurting and I want to fix it.

  5. I love your Compassion edition of 10 things of thankful. I participated in #1000Speak, too, and hope that we can keep spreading the word. As you said, compassion is contagious. I hope everyone gets it!

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I have definitely become less judgmental as I have gotten older. I grew up in a very snobby town, so it wasn’t easy to get past.

  7. I, like you, was not the nicest person growing up. I know now that I used it as a defense mechanism to others being not so nice to me. As I have grown older I have realized that that is not the way to go! I love this post because it reminds everyone that a little bit of compassion goes a long way <3

  8. Compassion is contagious, you’re right. You used a show example, I haven’t seen the show (I’m curious now though) but I did see a commercial yesterday that sent the same message, and it really is true. 🙂

  9. I read about this at another blog and I really like the idea of being better to each other. Compassion is so needed everywhere. As well as gratitude 🙂 Thanks for your post!

  10. I sometimes find some people very trying on my compassion. I always try to be kinder than necessary, but it can be hard. I find that when I’m more compassionate, people are kind to me in return.

  11. What an interesting idea, I love the idea of so many people sharing a little compassion all at once. I’ve definitely not been the most compassionate person at times of my life. x

  12. This is great! I am not perfect, but we all make mistakes and learn and grow. I don’t hide I take what I’ve done, learned and experienced and go with it! This is so wonderful and honest!

  13. So April: given how upbeat you are now I’m hard pressed to see you as a very unhappy teenager. The fact that you’ve made a such a significant transition is wonderful and inspiring! It’s also great for your kids to have such a positive role model for compassion. As you wrote, your kids show compassion to one another — and a big part of that is likely the compassionate environment that you create around them!

    1. I was able to put a smile on my face, but I wasn’t nice. I kept my head down and found out more about how I treated others after I graduated. I didn’t realize how depressed I was then too.

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