Will #EpicFail Go Away? #FTSF

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When I think of the term “Epic Fail”, I think of a new sprung industry of nonsense.

At first, there were interesting pictures of a night of cooking gone awry to burning down a house… then it turned to a constant barrage of fixing grammar and random accidents.


Granted I can be a grammar queen and I fix the word in my head… but I am too busy to tell YOU that you got it wrong! I’m MOTHERING! 🙂

epic_fail_ brown

Are we saying that all black people look alike? Yes, unfortunately the rapist looks somewhat like the news anchor, but what’s the choice? Don’t announce that there is a rapist because he MIGHT look like the anchor?

Overall, as a mom, I get a lot of #EpicFails with moms missing pickups or not cooking dinner.

If that’s the truth, then what? Almost every night is an #EpicFail in my house.

Of course, there’s the series of Epic Fails that include nude or nearly nude pictures of the mothers. I’ll admit it, I barely want to see myself nude, so I’m SURE you don’t want to. Thankfully, I can honestly say, that will never be an #EpicFail of mine.

Somehow, this has spawned a complete industry of Epic Fail websites… boasting the best fails of mothering, friendship or Chuck Norris complaining of gas prices:

You know, because Chuck Norris really posed for this ad, right?

And of course, stupidity is also an Epic Fail:

I got it… some people are really, really stupid… and other people are on a game show with MILLIONS of eyes on them and just not thinking straight. I’ll chalk this up to nerves.

I have not jumped on the Epic Fail bandwagon, mainly because, as with most trends, only few are worth this busy mommy’s time! 🙂


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26 thoughts on “Will #EpicFail Go Away? #FTSF”

  1. I can totally admit I have made some epic fails in this life big and small, but like you I try my best to deal with them in the moment and then move on, because life is too short to dwell on stuff like this.

  2. I so can’t get on the bandwagon of the jokes. Before tonight’s prompt, at like 8pm (so 2 hours ago I hadn’t even started writing) I googled Epic Fail and was not amused at all – I just felt sad at the stupid shit we make fun of one another for. I do get behind the epic fails of cooking though because I have tons of those and I get behind the epic failures of my own past (because I was a dumbjerk). Thanks so much for hosting and linking. I really appreciate it!!!

  3. Yeah, the Epic Fail sites can be a bit depressing after a while. Not sure about the need for schadenfreude in our lives, but I agree that it’s probably not worth our time to jump on this trend.

  4. I did NOT Google Epic Fails and am now so glad I didn’t! Yikes!
    Although now some of our posts for FTSF might show up when others Google Epic Fail. Hmmm…
    Thank you for not posing naked in the living room while your kids are in the kitchen.

    1. LOL! I strongly considered it, wondering if I was missing out on something… then I remembered that it was about FAILS and I decided not to! Some of those pics are awful!

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    1. Oh, I’m not blaming you or the prompt! I just think that we have taken mistakes as fails… which means that we all must be perfect, right? It’s all good! Loved responding to it.

  6. I had never googled the term, but now I think I’m afraid to! I only know that my teenagers have forbidden me to say it — so of course I say it whenever possible!

  7. I don’t mind the term Epic Fail because it’s such an enormous statement. When I see #EpicFail attached to mothering snafus and think of it as a way for us to commiserate and connect over the trip ups in our everyday parenting lives and not feel TOO bad about them. I once forgot to pick up my daughter from camp drop off for AN HOUR. That felt pretty epic 😉

    1. See, I guess when I hear epic fail, I feel like it’s something that should be a rarity, not a commonality… forgetting your child happens unfortunately. I think most of us have been through that… but I can’t bring myself to consider it a fail.

  8. Such a great perspective, April! What I loved about this week’s prompt was that it allowed me to reframe what I had always thought were my “fails.” By writing about it, I realized I really didn’t fail. And that feels pretty good :).

  9. Oh that woman with the moon and the elephant – too funny and too sad. She had to be just nervous. I think I’m awesome when I answer game show questions at home, but my secret fear is that if I ever got on one of those shows, I’d be the woman answering “elephant.” 😀

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