How to Get Fit After Having a Baby ~ Postpartum Fitness {Guest Post}

You’re feeling good, you’re sticking to your fitness plan, you’re seeing results, and then you find out you’re pregnant! Is that the end of fitness as you know it?


While having a baby is certainly something to celebrate, the toll it takes on your body is likely not nearly as welcomed. Preparing for, and then actually giving birth is a damaging process, and for many women it is very hard to find their fitness groove afterwards. That might explain why the vast majority of my clients are moms. Many women are looking for a little help and guidance when it comes to approaching fitness after they’ve had their baby, and that is exactly why this Postpartum Exercise Guide exists.

If you’re a new mom (or plan on becoming one sometime in the future) then you can use this step-by-step plan to safely begin working your body back into shape. It will take some time, but these exercises are designed to help your body heal and then help it return to its pre-pregnancy fitness level. Know that it is possible to regain your fitness – Just be patient and keep working at it one step at a time!

UPDATE: Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Dave Smith has been a personal trainer since 2001 and was recently named “Top Fitness Professional in Canada”. Dave offers free online fitness training at Make Your Body Work and also spends much of his time helping other personal trainers improve their training techniques and business success. Check out his free resources, videos, and fitness programs at

4 thoughts on “How to Get Fit After Having a Baby ~ Postpartum Fitness {Guest Post}”

  1. I love this info graphic! However, there is some dangerous misinformation. Postpartum women should NEVER do crunches for the very likely possibility of further damaging diastasis recti, or getting a hernia due to a very weak abdominal wall. Just a friendly reminder!

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