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Pear Tree Greetings InvitationFor me, planning parties are stressful. The anxiety lies completely around whether people will come and if they’ll enjoy themselves. Thankfully, Pear Tree Greetings makes choosing your invitations, decorations and Thank You cards easy.

When I had the opportunity to review their products and service, I couldn’t wait! I mean, this is the first birthday party I’m throwing in Florida, and I have my in-laws looking over my shoulder. I have to make it perfect!

When entering Pear Tree Greetings‘ site, I was so excited to see that their invitations are not the average invitation. You can upload your own photo, then depending on the design choice, you can add an overlay, like the crown pictured to the left.

All of the colors are fully customizable, so Bee’s party was “All Princesses + Strawberry Shortcake”. So the colors we chose were the blue of Cinderella, and the pink of Strawberry Shortcake’s hair. Pear Tree Greetings allows you to mix and match ALL colors! You can completely make it your own!

Next came the decorations! Granted, I had no idea what I wanted for decorations, I’m a pretty simplistic when it comes to things like that, so choosing decorations was a new space for me.

So what’s a girl to do? Start shopping! Since I chose the Crown Me invitation, I figured I should stick with the Crown Me decorations.

PTG Decorations

I wasn’t even sure what to do with these. These decorations are flat cards that are fully editable, being able to change the color and the wording. Again, I had to think about it for a while, but I settled on “We Love You”, a capital “B” and Princess Bee’s Third Birthday. Super creative, right?

When we got to the party, we I had these circles to use around the party. I decided to put some on the table, and some on the window between the gymnasium and the lobby (where the eating was going to take place).

DSCF0219 DSCF0220 DSCF0296 DSCF0297


Bee (and everyone else) LOVED the party. The decorations were just the right touch. I added a Happy Birthday banner, a few balloons and table stands to bring the princesses to Bee’s party.
Birthday Table Stands

Finally I chose the Simply Green Thank You cards, I wanted something super simple so I could do what I’d like. I’ll be putting pictures of Bee and each friend in the card to send as a thank you for attending!

thank you card

Now for where Mommy (aka me) is the best! I took the decorations from the party and put them in her room. Since she went to her grandmother’s right after the party, I was able to spend a few minutes dressing up her room. With the circle decorations on the wall, she walked into her room and came out almost immediately with a

“Thank You Mommy, You’re the Best!” I melted immediately and I knew that I had made the right choices. Thank you Pear Tree Greetings!

Don’t worry! If you want to get your Christmas cards out before December 25th, they can do it! Check them out today!

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62 thoughts on ““Mommy, You’re the Best!” @PearTreeGreet #sp”

    1. The ordering process (and saving process) was great. I know I had to come back several times to figure out exactly what I wanted, and you could save mid project.

  1. I have actually ordered from Pear Tree before and I was VERY happy with what I got from them. Sounds like you were, too 😉

    1. I was surprised at how much fun the girls had! One little girl started out very shy, but by the end, she didn't want to go!

  2. Aww, everything is lovely, and I can see how she would be delighted! I find some parties stressful…it's always nice to have a good resource to help with the planning.

    1. Oh, it was so nice to not have to think about the invitations. I was able to get them out on time and everyone LOVED them.

    1. Thanks. They have such a great selection. I was so happy to be able to choose something different, since Bee didn't want her party in the box.

  3. Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    Hi April! Aw. Princess Bee is adorable and it sounds like she had a blast at her party and afterward too. It was very sweet that you decorated her room and even sweeter that she recognized it and showed appreciation for your efforts. I think simple always works best for small kids. Great job! 😀

    1. I completely melted when she said it. She's a hard girl to crack and sometimes can be outright mean. It was so nice to see her softer and appreciative side.

  4. casavilorainteriors

    I could get on board with this! I do get major anxiety when it comes to throwing parties. Whatever makes it better I am for it

    1. I loved that I could save the project instead of having to start over since I don't always make up my mind immediately.

  5. That was a really cute part. I love all of the pink and I bet your daughter did too. I love Pear Tree's stuff. Very nice.

  6. momssmallvictories

    Very cute. Way to go mommy! Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinkup and hope you link up with us again this week!

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