To Reveal or Not Reveal

Parenting is hard work. As a parent or guardian, you’re always concerned whether your child is getting along well in school, hitting the right milestones on time and progressing with their age group. Sometimes, that window could be years. So, you let it go and determine that your child is just on the later end of the spectrum.

Shh... I Gotta Secret |#FTSF | 100lbCountdown.comThat window closes and your child still hasn’t met the milestone. You wonder if you should take them to the doctor. Then you find out that it could be hereditary. You sigh a breath of relief because at least it’s normal, for now.

Again, you stop thinking about it so much, thinking that they are just a late bloomer. That window closes as well.

So, you have a heart to heart with the child. They talk frankly about it. After you ask some deep and detailed questions, you find out… you’re child is just lazy.




To finish the sentence this Friday:

I know my child would rather I not reveal this but … my son still wets the bed. He’s 10.

Oh well. Such is life.

What would your child prefer you not reveal?


18 thoughts on “To Reveal or Not Reveal”

  1. I think we all have things about our kids we would rather not always share or divulge especially being bloggers and being out there for all to possibly see and judge. But you are right many times I have just put it out there for better or worse, too myself.

    1. Sometimes others can help. It's hard to release and show your vulnerabilities. We are not alone and there's someone out there struggling with the same problem.

  2. Ugh, all of our kids have their "something", don't they? I agree- honesty and vulnerability is a good thing. It's comforting to share our struggles!

    1. Yes, in this world, we don't have the community that previous generations had. I love having this blogging community to get closer to.

  3. It's taken me forever to realize that we aren't alone and there's always someone else out there struggling with the same problem. Oh the sleepless nights I could have avoided. As for your revelation about your lad my pal's daughter was just the same. She's 30 now and no most assuredly no longer lazy!

    1. LOL! Sadly, it's just laziness. It's hard to break someone of that in the dead of night! I figure eventually he'll either stop being so lazy or learn to hold it!

  4. Yeah, he might not be happy with you on that one, mom:). But I have one who every so often, has an accident. Either form too much water before bedtime, or even nightmare!

  5. My son is five and still wears diapers at night. I don't think he'd be excited about me saying something either. They all have their things don't they! Thanks so much for linking up with us, April!!

    1. Yes! I'll keep it to myself that I shared it. LOL! I know others have the same problem, but the laundry is what kills me!

  6. I can understand worrying about the "window". I've found that going by my gut is surprisingly useful — if I truly think that there is a problem, then it is worthwhile doing something about it.

    1. For the most part, I trust mine too. I'm glad I had asked the family because otherwise I would've been drugging my child for no reason!

  7. I so appreciate your honesty April! There are some nights when I don't feel like dragging my lazy ass outta bed to the bathroom too, so I definitely understand how your son feels. One of my kids sucked a pacifier for what seemed like ever, and someone assured me she would not go to college with it, so I let it go. Each at their own pace…

    1. Thank you for that. I have thought about that in relationship to a pacifier, but never for wetting the bed. I should think about it that way. Especially once he gets interested in girls.

    1. Oh, that makes me feel a lot better. My family didn't have that, except one person who had "issues", so I don't know what would be normal otherwise.

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