The Halloween I Almost Shot Someone {#FTSF}

Halloween began just like most others. I had class and I still haven’t determined what I was going to wear that night. Two major differences were that I was going to the party with “someone” and, well, I was going to a Halloween party. I didn’t often do that when I was younger, including college. As the day went by, I realized that my friend also did not have a costume either.

So, we raided my closet because I’m just that lazy and cheap.  I know what you’re thinking, I’ve got a lot of cool costumes.

That’s was totally not the case.

FTSF Halloween 2014I had realized that I had an old cheerleader outfit packed away in the back of my closet. Yes, I was once a cheerleader! And I loved it. I didn’t even need a megaphone! Wait, is that a good thing?

My friend, well, was a guy. I’m not a small girl, and well, he wasn’t a small guy. His build was… eh-hem… nice enough to fit my curvier me.

So, we stuffed a bra, found a skirt, pulled out a wig and dressed him. He looked great and completely unrecognizable… except he was a six foot two inch tall, 240 pound black man, dressed as a woman. We just couldn’t get him into a pair shoes. I have big feet, but not THAT big.

We arrived at the party after a pretty nice makeup job by yours truly and everyone loved his costume… no one noticed me at all.

Then, one of our friends dressed as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. When I say costume perfection, it was costume perfection.

I have a slight fascination with guns, so my first inclination was to touch the gun. She didn’t have a problem with me picking it up and taking a look.

Once I picked it up, I realized it was no ordinary gun ~ so I asked her “is this a real gun?” Her response, “no”. I asked again because this gun had some heft, some weight, this did not feel like a toy gun, even a real-life looking toy gun. She again said “no”.

In my slightly inebriated state, I began to point the gun at people. I wasn’t crazy enough to put my finger on the trigger because something still didn’t feel right.

Until about a minute later, she realized what I was doing and yelled, “DON’T DO THAT! YOU COULD SERIOUSLY HURT SOMEONE!”

Of course, I put it down immediately. She clarified that the “non-gun” was actually a very sophisticated BB gun.

I wish she would’ve said something earlier. I’m very thankful that I had enough state of mind NOT to put my finger on the trigger.

Tell me your Halloween story, since this is a part of Finish the Sentence Friday, which this week is…

One Halloween I…


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26 thoughts on “The Halloween I Almost Shot Someone {#FTSF}”

  1. Oh my gosh, April!! That is beyond scary! I'll bet your friend looked awesome dressed as a cheerleader. one year, my dad and step mom went as man and woman but he was the woman, and she was the man. They looked hilarious (my dad found shoes at the goodwill but only wore them for about 20 minutes before changing). Thanks so much for cohosting with us this week!!!

    1. She scared me when she yelled, I put it down immediately. I was so surprised that she didn't say "It's not real, but it's a BB gun," especially when I asked the second time. Life could've taken a turn for me at that point.

  2. Oh thank GOD you didn't put your finger on the trigger!!!! That would have changed THIS story entirely!!

    I wish you had a pic of your 'guy' from that party!! I bet he NAILED IT!!

    1. I'm sure there are pictures somewhere. It was still a bit before the digital age of everyone having it on their cells. From behind, most people thought he was a woman… a large woman, but a woman nonetheless.

  3. Great title. Hooked me from the get go. I'm thinking little Miss Lara should have told you right away that it was a BB gun though, no? I know absolutely nothing about guns and if it was me I'd also be winging it about the room in naive delight. Yikes. Surely she could have brought it without the BBs or whatever the ammo is called?

    1. I know a little bit about guns… I knew that it was too heavy to be a toy gun, but the exit point was too small for a regular bullet. YES! I think she should of told me immediately!

  4. I don't understand people. When asked if it were real, you'd think that would have been a good time to say, "It's a very sophisticated BB gun." Even then, why would you load it? Anyway, glad you found out before hand. It's always good with any gun, real or not, to not put your finger on the trigger unless you intend to shoot it. That's like the number one military complaint you will find on pictures and videos of people with guns. Finger off the trigger.

    1. The nozzle was small so I didn't think of anything but a possible water gun after she said it wasn't real. I am so totally glad I found out beforehand. Nope, no finger on the trigger for me! 🙂

  5. gosh! lady you are so darn creative!!

    I would have loved to see your pix, though 🙂
    wanted to see if my imagination was accurate 😉

    happy halloween

  6. Oh good gracious – it sounds like your Lara Croft didn't have as much sense as the character, even! SO glad no-one got hurt, but what a silly thing to bring to a Halloween party, even as part of a costume!

    The make-over you did on your friend sounds fab 😀

    1. LOL! No, not at all. I couldn't even think of that as the answer. I was thinking maybe a complex water gun or something.

    1. Yes, I'm surprised I hadn't remembered it before now! I don't know. I really internalized her mistake for a long time. Thinking about all of the "what ifs".

  7. Okay, I can see why you'd remember THAT Halloween. Glad that you, even if slightly inebriated, were able to sense that something wasn't right about the "toy" gun. I agree with Lizzi, not the best costume prop for a party!

    1. Thank goodness I didn't. I ddin't even think that was an option… I was thinking bullet or water, but something just didn't feel right.

  8. Bringing a BB gun to a party when people are drinking is not the smartest idea; I'm glad you didn't pull that trigger! In the elementary schools they have a rule that prohibits using weapons (real or fake) in costumes. Sounds like that should be a rule at adult parties too!

  9. Brittnei Washington

    Yay I can comment. I had to come back over since you said I could now. This is crazy! I wonder why this person brought a real gun to begin with? Maybe because they allow people to carry them around in that state like they do here in AZ? Scary. I guess it would have been nice to know that it was truly a real gun though before picking it up! I'm glad you didn't put your finger by the trigger either. 🙂

    1. I was just so amazed that after asking TWICE, she didn't say that it was. I don't know what world a BB gun ISN'T real! I know you don't need a license for it, but it's still real.

  10. NO WAY! So glad you didn't shoot anyone but what a story! Would love to see pictures of your cheerleader friend, too. 😉

  11. Oh wow! She should have told you right away that it may not be real but it could do some serious damage. Luckily, everything turned out fine. Thanks for linking up at the Home Matters Linky Party!

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