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This week, Butterfly went from “oh, I will move from here, to right next to here” to ALL OVER THE ENTIRE HOUSE! I’ve been busy chasing her around, especially out of the kitchen and bathroom… because what do babies want more than the cold floors of the kitchen and the bathroom? I’m very surprised at how much time and effort my two little one take. These girls are like two large dogs who are ready to go outside and play all of the time! Whereas, my son was like an indoor cat, only even stretching occasionally. Who said boys were harder?

Anyway, on to #AskAwayFriday…

What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…
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This week, I pair up with the hilarious Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy. She is open, candid about all things mommy and life. One of the funniest parts of her blog is “Random Thoughts” which is self-explanatory, yet the title doesn’t begin to explain the hilarity of the posts! Go check her out!


1. 100lbCountdown is such an awesome name for your blog and I love the reason that you started blogging. Do you think blogging helps you in moving towards your goal? I know it did when I started. Then, I had two beautiful baby girls, which completely threw me off track! I changed the focus to more just family friendly posts. I do think when I really need to post something health related, I try to think about what would help me in the here and now, like my Walkadoo post.

2. A rose by any other name… If you had to change your blog name, what would you choose and why? I’ve been thinking about this FOREVER! Well, not forever, but since I was pregnant with Bee and I stopped eating healthy and succumbed to all of my pregnancy cravings of all things sweet. I’ve already purchased my name, which is April Noelle, and I’ve slowly started changing my FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine to that name. I’m trying to determine if I want to manage multiple blogs, since I want to start one focusing on women and their lives, in other words, one that’s more than me. I’m also considering using my name as the URL and something else as the name of the blog… like A Diamond in the Flesh, April’s Hope, April’s Logic or Halls of the Grant Family. I don’t know what I want to do or how I want to do it yet. As you see, I’m the queen of indecisive.

3. You are a lawyer, but have never practiced law. Do you think you will give it a shot after your kids are grown? I don’t know yet. Since I moved, it’s been a whirlwind. I’m still trying to decide about where things are headed, my blog is doing well, and a side business is promising. Although I miss the aspect of law, and I think my skill set is really important in the industry, I don’t know if taking the bar is the right step for me. Ask me again when both girls are in school full time.

4. Let’s talk health. What is your FAVORITE healthy recipe to introduce people to? People have such a wide variety of taste buds. I don’t give people a particular recipe because some people love lasagna, others, burgers and still others chocolate. My primary suggestion would be to add vegetables to every meal… yes, I said EVERY meal. Find a vegetable you like, and eat it. But to give you a recipe, here’s a super simple one.

5. If someone was just starting their journey to get healthy, what is the most important piece of advice that you would give them? Keep it simple and take it slow. You didn’t gain the weight overnight. You won’t see the results over night. Of course, there are ways to quickly drop the weight, but there’s something to be said about earning the weight loss. Also, there’s a reason we grab fast food. Because it’s easier. Just because it’s fast and easy, it doesn’t have to be bad for you. See the recipe in #4.

6. What is your FAVORITE way to work out? With others. I’m a terrible self-motivator when it comes to working out, but have a friend that says or is willing to go for a walk, do a video, or anything active and I’m completely down!

7. Happy Wife, Happy Home. What is your favorite guilty pleasure? LOL! Watching television. I can’t say it’s a guilty pleasure anymore. I admit it, it’s a television addict! It’s even on when I work out!

8. I have days where my kids stay in pajamas all day and I try to be as lazy as possible, just because. Do you have days like that? Uhhh, I only get dressed if I have to go out! Actually I’ve started to change that for my husband’s sake. I’m sure he wasn’t happy seeing me in my pajamas in the morning to come home to the same look. Otherwise, I love doing it and I think I did it from Sunday to Tuesday this past week! It’s summertime! I try to let the kids be as lazy as possible, but since he has three book reports due on the first day of school, and he takes piano lessons (which we pay for), I can’t be that lazy as a parent. Otherwise, anything goes!

9. What is your dream vacation destination? I would love to return to Europe as an adult. I want to check out Italy and Greece, eat the food and just wander for hours on end! I wish I could show you pictures of my trip, but the were lost. 🙁

10. TEN Favorites:

Movie: Groundhog Day
Song: Let’s Chill by Guy
Restaurant: my last one was Red Lobster, but that was years ago. I love trying new ones.
Dessert: German Chocolate cake
Nail Polish Color: none… but if I have to choose one, navy blue
Hair Style: anything that keeps my hair out of my face.
Article of clothing that you own: none, I really need a new wardrobe! Wait, I have this black dress that has made an appearance at many events and I look great every time.
Animal: cheetah… but no personal ones.
Painting: interesting, can’t think of one
Beverage: water or wine

16 thoughts on “Working Out with My Favorites ~ #AAF {Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy}”

  1. Loved this! Soph is super fast at crawling now too…if I can't hear her, she's getting into trouble. 😉 I try to keep the doors closed when I'm not actively playing with her so she can't get into too much trouble. The last restaurant you WENT to was Red Lobster or that was your favorite? If it was the last one you went to, girl, I'll drive there and watch your kids so you can go out because a few years is entirely too long to not go to restaurants! I vote April's Hope for the name if/when you decide to change it. I like the direction you're looking to take your new blog. You wouldn't even have to do a NEW blog…just change this current blog's name. PS. German Chocolate Cake is the BEST cake. 😉

    1. Yep! A lot of closed doors in our house too! No, we go out regularly. Red Lobster was just my last "favorite". My husband loves Il Fornaio and I like Italian, but I can't call it a favorite. I love the chocolate, plus the coconut! It's delish.

  2. I love the name April's Hope…

    I am with you as far as working out…I need someone else to be there motivating me. I am very competitive so it will force me to work instead of play around…LOL

    1. I remember when my best friend was local. I hated running and she loved it. So, every time she asked "Do you want to go running?" My answer was always "No, but I'll go anyway!" And we would run miles! That's two for April's Hope

  3. I had so much fun swapping with you! I love Groundhog's Day! That is one of my favorites as well! April's Hope is a great name! I would love to go to Greece and Italy! I would totally eat my way through those countries!

    1. All diet plans are off going to Europe. But amazingly, you do so much walking, eating won't have any effect. Plus, they do such wonderful and rich things with vegetables… now I want to go. I think I'll start making plans for our anniversary! 🙂

  4. tamaralikecamera

    I love Groundhog Day so much. That's the only movie in which I like Andie MacDowell too!
    Scarlet was in her pajamas until dinnertime today! I got dressed but even that was a stretch. We had such a busy week that we took today to be LAZY.

    1. YOu don't like Andie MacDowell? I actually can't name anything else she's in. Sometimes getting dressed is easier said than done!

  5. Brittnei Washington

    I love red wine! I only drink water regularly though since it's so hard to drink what I need everyday. That recipe does look simple. We don't do shellfish but I would totally add some chicken! 🙂 I totally get what you mean about the PJs. I was so much better about it when I wasn't pregnant. I have my days now that I am and I'm sick most of the day. The movie Groundhog Day is so strange! I watched it once and I was like wow! Hehe.

    1. Yes, water intake is important. I have chicken breast in the freezer too. Super simple. I try to do easy ones because of the little ones. I want to do better. My thought is Groundhog Day is about God will take over, you can’t wish, pray or do good enough to get to the next level. The main character went to the new day, when he accepted what was his new “life” and just tried to live it to the best of his ability, no anger, no games, just living a good life.

  6. Awesome swap! I think that you have a lovely name! That recipe looks wonderful, but like Brittnei, we don't do seafood…well hubby doesn't, but I think that chicken would be very good! I could love about 75 percent of the time on veggies, but hubby requires meat! LOL! I have so many days that I don't get out of my pj's, nor do the kids. It can be good as it cuts down on laundry and the amount of outside clothes they need, especially since they grow so darn fast! Have a great weekend, April!

    1. Lol! For some reason, it doesn’t seem to alleviate laundry. I’ve been trying to get out of my pj’s just to make myself feel like I can do something for the day! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh gosh, can't imagine losing photos of a trip! Really hope you can visit Europe once again, it's one of my dreams too! I love the recipe you shared. I don't eat much vegetables but I love shrimp!

    1. Definitely not of my choosing, but such is life… I need to go back and get them all over again. The technology is so much better, I'm sure that I'll be able to take better pictures now!

  8. Domain changes are a pain but they are worth it if you want to move. You can even move all your content from this one into your new domain too. You would just have to point your old domain to your new one. It is a pain to explain but I did this when I dissolved my old domain into Uplifting Families.

    1. Did you move everything? I don't want to move everything, but a lot of things! But I need to change my categories too, I have way too many and too many irrelevant ones. I'd love to chat more with you about it.

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