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Over the recent years, many fitness centers have upgraded their services to respond directly to the diverse fitness interests of men and women. The young and old are joining fitness clubs for recreation and health-related goals. Originally, these facilities were used as a place for people to enjoy a quick workout with a personal trainer and use a treadmill or an elliptical, but now, many facilities are adding innovative exercise amenities, guided cardio classes and full-service cafes and eateries. Rather than being a place where you can exercise for a short period of time throughout the day, a membership in a top-notch fitness center, such as Fit Athletic Club in Houston, can provide a wide range of benefits for people to not only engage in exercise routines but enjoy games with friends with the various entertainment resources. Some of the facilities have flat screen televisions and Wi-Fi lounges. You can actually spend hours in a modern fitness center and revel in many different entertainment and fitness amenities offered through your membership. Some facilities have also extended their hours for people with busy schedules and daily commitments. 

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Many well-established fitness facilities continuously add more popular workout programs designed to cater to different interests and physical abilities in men and women. For instance, cycling classes, martial arts, yoga and Pilates are very popular forms of exercise that both men and women enjoy. With a variety of class times on different days of the week, members are able to set extensive workout schedules weekly and take advantage of the variety of programs. Some companies offer daycare centers for parents who want to bring their children to a fun, supervised playroom while they focus on their fitness. 

At many of the fitness centers, personal trainers are available to provide an array of services and custom workout programs to accommodate the fitness goals of members. From professional athletes and avid athletic enthusiasts to individuals who are just beginning to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, a personal trainer can design a program that will keep the client healthy and fit. 

About FIT Athletic Club: Consistently voted the #1 fitness facility in Houston, we are located at West Gray and Waugh, between River Oaks and Downtown. FIT promotes a health-centered way of life and its members are among a new breed of fitness enthusiast. They want more than a place to work out. They want to socialize, kick back with their friends, relax and enjoy their time in an environment where they feel as comfortable on our sofa as they do on their own. They appreciate the state of the art equipment Fit offers and they understand the differences between a large box gym and one that truly caters to its members individual needs and lifestyle. They enjoy and expect a higher level of amenities and service; and they get it at Fit.
FIT Athletic Club is located at: 1532 West Gray Street, Houston, Texas 77019
Phone: (713) 782-9348; Hours: 5 AM to 11 PM Mon – Fri, 8 AM to 8 PM Sat – Sun

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