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Summer has officially started in the 100lb Countdown household. Bunny has successfully completed 4th grade and I can finally breathe a sigh of relief for a more relaxed schedule. Overall, he has done well in school… and the struggles are for another post. He has asked consistently since my mother moved to South Carolina seven years ago to go and visit. This year is the first time that this was a possibility.

Getting him there was another story. As someone has who hasn’t had a consistent relationship with my mother, my husband was hesitant, to say the least. Since I knew the background, and I knew he knew the background, I had made the decision (after we agreed that he would go) that I would drive up my son alone and return. I’ve made the trip several times ~ no, not from here to SC, but from where I lived in LA to law school. They are approximately the same distance away.

However, the entire family here was against me making that drive alone.

And I was grateful for that. Who wants to drive seven hours alone?

What came next was surprising… my husband would be the one coming with me.

YES… I’m doing cartwheels in my head!

We get ready to go… and the hammer drops. I’m doing this because I don’t think my wife and child should be riding alone for that distance.

How noble of you!

After much discussion (as I said, we don’t really argue), he said that he was unhappy with this particular decision, but he couldn’t let me go alone. He wouldn’t want anyone to think he’d be ok with his children riding alone.

Well, not so noble.

He started to feel ill… coming down with whatever illness my Bee had the night before…during the drive. I drove the last two hours.

Upon our arrival, he was as nice and gracious as a sick person could be. We opted to stay in a hotel for comfort and to not spread the illness unnecessarily. He participated in everything, with a smile on his face (kinda, remember, he was still sick) and tried to enjoy it all while we went sightseeing and ate sushi for lunch.

After all was said and done, and we left my son to spend the next week with my mother, I thanked him for his good spirit. His response:


With this, I know he’s got my back and through our discussions, he knows I have his. We are a great team. I love him so much for all of it!


Happy Fathers Day
Happy Father’s Day, hunny! I love you so much!

More on loving my husband here written way before this post was written!




This has been added as a part of this week’s sentence… DEAR DAD…


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31 thoughts on ““We Make a Great Team Together” with Link up!”

  1. "We make a great team together" is one of the SWEETEST things I've ever heard to describe a couple. Love love love it! So happy you guys made it safely there – together

    1. I know, right? It completely came out of nowhere and I was floored, Madaline. He's not that sentimental or sweet in his words. He's very nice and helpful, but he doesn't really say anything but "I love you" and this completely melted my heart!

  2. I really like the fact that even when your husband did not agree with your decision, you guys didn't argue about it and he instead compromised. 🙂

    1. Oh, there was a lot of "discussion", Rea! But he said that he knew what he needed to do, and ultimately it was to support me.

    1. You know that time when your spouse just says something out of the blue that you weren't expecting… this was so totally it!

    1. Yes, it is. I think as long as you know you are on the same team, the team will play better together! 🙂

  3. Awesome that he didn't want you to have to drive alone with the kids in spite of not really wanting to go with you – and that you didn't argue over it. Being a team is HUGE. Happy Father's Day to your sweetie!

    1. I was SO thankful because I didn't really want to make that trip alone and it poured and I hate driving in the rain. So, I was spared that too! Thank you!

  4. Sometimes parenting involves doing "responsible' things we don't want to do like clean up the poop and then our own vomit and visiting certain family members. Props on both of you for handling the request with maturity and grace. I kind of can relate with your mans because there's a negative history between me and all my in-laws, and I can't tell you I would be that agreeable about visiting any of them. I'd do it, but I wouldn't do it quietly.

  5. Brittnei Washington

    Oh April. I'm so glad for you that you can share how awesome of a husband and father that your husband is. I wouldn't have wanted to take that drive alone and I think my husband wouldn't have let me either! 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing. Marriage is a team effort, and it is so nice to see how you guys make it work — together!! Great post on honoring each other in marriage!!

  7. A beautiful post. Being married does not mean that couples will always be on one accord. This is a great example of making it work.

    1. No, I grew up in a household where the couple was not in one accord. It led to a lot of stress between the parents and the children. Thank you, Monique.

      1. I was referring to you and your husband being a great example of working things out in your post about your long drive and your son going away. My point was that in marriage we may not always see things eye to eye, but its great to see couples working things out.

  8. This is so sweet. I enjoyed reading. It is always to read good stuff about married couples. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I love being able to share happy stories about marriage. So many of them seem disappointing these days.

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