Yesteryear ~ #FTSF

This week’s Finish the Sentence Friday is a letter to mom. After much consideration, here it is:


Dear Mom

I know I missed a few calls
Me and the kids were out chasing balls
I know you were just checking in
We’re all good here, daily living

I know you want to return to yesteryear
A time where I talked off your ear
I agree it was a great time way back then
We had a lot of fun times on level 10

Things are not the same now,
The trust is gone, it took a bow
Things said and done can’t be taken back
An apology is not enough for me to backtrack

I’m not angry, all is forgiven
It’s not your fault that you were so driven
Your life was hard, I must admit
Too bad, there’s no way for me to fix it

I love you and accept you for who you are
I know I have to keep my distance afar
Maybe one day all this will change
But for now you must accept our long-range

This has been another edition of #FTSF!

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11 thoughts on “Yesteryear ~ #FTSF”

  1. Beautiful letter to your mom and sometimes we do have to accept no matter how hard it is that the past is the past and we are in the here and now. Thanks for sharing and for linking with us as always, April 🙂

    1. spiritedlife

      Yep! And every year as I look at my kiddos, it gets harder and harder. I just miss the rosy relationship, the ideal one. But the day will be here and gone in a couple of days.

    1. LOL! She doesn't read my blog. I don't even know if she knows my blog address. Not for me failing to tell her, but for her lack of desire to see what's going on with me.

  2. I think sometimes one of the healthiest ways to preserve a relationship is through distance. Good for you for caring enough to maintain space where needed.

    1. spiritedlife

      Thank you. Its hard especially when Mother's Day and her birthday roll around. Otherwise, I'm pretty good. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. spiritedlife

      Yep, we talked on my bday, then again several weeks later. She keeps saying she wants a better relationship, but I only hear from her monthly. It is what it is. It took me a long time to accept that though.

  3. Nicely done. I feel that you are moving through a complicated relationship with your Mom. It's good that you can communicate with her as an adult, and grow into something different and better. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. spiritedlife

      Yes. I hope it gets better one day. It may, but I no longer hold out hope that it does. It took a lot of time to get there. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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