To Shop or Not to Shop {#FTSF}

This week, Finish the Sentence Friday, we have an interesting topic. At least to me.


I have absolutely no interest in SHOPPING!

I’ll be honest, I just don’t get it. I’ve done it. Obviously I’ve done it. I even like getting new things.

But the process of going to the store, walking through aisles, sliding clothing clothing across the racks and finding that perfect garment, brings me no joy.

That’s not quite true. I don’t find that perfect garment.

Growing up, I was curvy. I (a-hem) “developed” in the sixth grade. Do you know what it is to be a c-cup in the SIXTH grade? Girls hated me and guys well were guys. At the time, I went to a Catholic school and covered up, but my shirt started to fit me weird, because shirts that have space at the top, but come in at the waist just didn’t exist for sixth grade girls. So it was either baggy or barely closing. I had some shirts of both.

I entered the public school system the following year, a brand new city, friends and lifestyle. And the girls still hated me and the boys still…were boys. Plus, the cherry on top was that I was the “new girl”. That’s great, right? Um sure.

My new option was tight cleavage baring shirts or oversized tees. At least it wasn’t button down anymore.

To top that off, we never had money to shop, so really it was a few shirts that I wore until you literally couldn’t wear it out in public anymore. I had a closet full of very faded garments, with stitching that was barely there.

Oh yeah, I was also never allowed to be just “dropped off” at the mall to wander around for hours. I could go to the movies, and possibly even go to shopping, but there was a strict time limit on it, normally an hour, which would include eating, if we so chose to do so.

Then in college, I was too broke and too short on time to ever do it then either.

In short (because we all know that I’m known for my brevity), during those formative years, I couldn’t shop, I could never develop that muscle where you have fun doing it. I learned to get in and out, only shopping for those things that are absolutely necessary. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had an “impulse buy” more than $20.

Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve gone with and for family and friends. I know they enjoy it, so I go.

And that is why I don’t have any interest in shopping!

This has been another early edition of Finish the Sentence Friday (goes live at 10 p.m. EST)!

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28 thoughts on “To Shop or Not to Shop {#FTSF}”

  1. Hey April, I understand why you don't like shopping. I like to shop online because it is so much easier to find sizes that fit me. I'm with you on the impulse buys, I don't like to spend a lot when I go shopping and I don't buy expensive name brands. I like to shop with a plan and stick to the plan. Have a great day!


    1. spiritedlife

      I find it difficult to find out what size is right online. I'm just really a lost cause! LOL!

  2. It is funny (ironic), because I wrote the opposite this week and shared how I loved to shop as a teen, but hated sports, but loved getting your take on it and shows we each have our own level of comfort with similar things I suppose.

    1. spiritedlife

      Oh, I know! I think when it's been developed as a happy healthy thing, it's something that people really enjoy. But I'm not sure it's really in my personality either. Who knows? I'm good with it though. I have some great in-laws who love to shop for my kids!

  3. I can completely understand because I don't like shopping either. My shopping trips while I was growing up were always with my mother and it always had to be something she approved off, I was never allowed to go shopping by myself.
    I cannot understand the concept of going in to every store, trying out a million different things, only to go back to the first place and buy something. Even to this day, I don't enjoy it and the very idea I have to go shopping for my kids makes me a little sick to my stomach. For me it's figure out what I want/need, enter the first shop that sells it, and I know they are in my price range, buy it and walk out.

    1. spiritedlife

      Exactly! It's a necessary evil. Even now, I really want to buy a dining room table. I'm looking at second hand stores and people selling theirs online. At a store, it's a quick walkthrough of about 5 minutes… no looking around or anything. Just "do they have they table I want?". If not, I'm out!

  4. thelatchkeymom

    I'm not a big shopper either, but when I do want to shop, look out. Then I go a little crazy, feel guilty, and then don't go for another year. And I have to do it by myself. I hate going with friends who want to try things on, "for fun."

    1. LOL! I like the idea of going with friends, but every time I do, I regret it because it takes SO much longer! I want to get in and out!

  5. tamaralikecamera

    I was the opposite – way late developer! So it was so sad to go through that too. Girls were mean and boys were idiots. I had a time in my 20's in which I had developed finally AND I had money. That was so much fun. I LOVED shopping.
    I wish I could channel it again but I rarely have spare money or time.

    1. spiritedlife

      Oh, spare money or time? LOL! No, I don't have either. The weird thing is I never hated my body, but I hated my clothes. At the time there was no way to hide and still feel feminine. Now, most girls dress way more trashy at a young age than I could even imagine.

  6. kellylmckenzie

    My particular favourite memory of shopping when I was about 10 was the clerk askong me "Are you a boy or a girl?" Yikes. I only like clothes shopping for me when I am by myself. I'm short and it takes awhile for me to get the right thing. I have to try on a zillion things first. If I'm with someone I'm rush and get nothing as a result. Give me free time and let me do it by myself and I'm fine.

    1. spiritedlife

      You have that patience. I always want to go on What Not to Wear or other shopping show, but just for the clothes. I would want to skip day two… the shopping alone. I think I'd break down and cry!

    1. spiritedlife

      I have a closet full of nothing to wear! LOL! I don't want to get rid of any of it because I'd have to replace it with something else, which means shopping.

  7. whisperingwriter

    See, I do love shopping. But after an hour, I'm ready to rest. I love Target though, and I shop there weekly.

    1. spiritedlife

      I like the idea of it more than I like doing it. I think I'm there or Walmart weekly too! LOL!

  8. It's funny. I used to love shopping and now? I just don't! I think it may have to do with being more curvy than I used to be. Totally with you! That's what the internet is for, although it always looks better online…

    1. spiritedlife

      I have not gotten into shopping online. I look at things, but then question how it'll look on me, put it in the cart and never push Buy! 🙁

  9. I grew up in a family of shoppers so I guess that makes me one by default. These days, I've cut down a lot. It's more window-shopping than actually buying. I enjoy looking at pretty stuff but I'm proud to say I've developed a degree of self-control I never had before 🙂 It's been a long time coming LOL.

    1. spiritedlife

      LOL! Conservative shopping is the best! All the fun, none of the guilt, right? So I've been told.

  10. nikkifrankhamilton

    I love shopping for things for my home. I could do that all day long! But for clothes…UG! First and foremost, undressing with the 3 way mirrors! Horrible! I don't want to see my rear end reflected from every angle in triplicate! I try to keep my eyes averted until I am dressed! The lighting is always horrid, either too yellow or too low, rarely bright enough to really see…I suppose that is what the stores are shooting for, they don't want you to see your flaws! And sizing…I am an 8 in one store and a 12 in another…seriously! I don't want to be here anyway, make it easy for me! I usually run in find what I want, eyeball the size, and buy it. I try it on at home, if I have to return it-so be it! I usually grab off the clearance so if it doesn't fit it is probably still hanging in my closet with the tags on, waiting for me to donate it or give it away! LOL! I have clothes shopping!

    1. spiritedlife

      I don't mind furniture shopping, but I know what I want and I can get it done rather quickly Because of that, it's somewhat of a pain with the kids. I can be in and out of a store within 5 minutes, but it takes me twice that long to get the kids in and out of the car! And I don't fit into normal sized closed. I get the privilege of walking into a department that's called "Women's" or "Plus" because that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and jump at the opportunity to raid the racks!

  11. Stopping by from Turn It Up Tuesday. I used to love to shop, not so much anymore. I'm in the plus size too, and it seems they just don't have much to offer. I've found a few places on-line, so I shop from the comfort of home for clothing. I'll follow you BlogLovin!

    1. spiritedlife

      Even what they do have, the clothes look so good on the rack only to not look so good on me. I haven't gotten into online shopping (yet). Maybe in the future.

  12. I completely understand the non-enjoyment with shopping. I used to enjoy it before I was a mom but now it feels like a chore that takes away from things I would much rather do and I always leave feeling disappointed and low on myself because I don't look the way I used to look. I have to say, I do still like shopping for my kids though! There's still that whole time issue though….

    1. spiritedlife

      My in-laws shop so much for my kiddos, I've been blessed only to have to purchase particular items or undergarments. Sometimes I think about going out, but then I think about the fact that it would be wasteful for me to shop. The can't wear all the clothes they have now! 🙂

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