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Once upon a time there was a young girl, one who diligently worked for and with her family. Despite their modest means and her efforts, the king banished them to another land. This made work difficult and education nearly impossible for the young teen.

Yet she was determined. Her education was nearly completed; college but a year away. She had no steed to return to school. Walking was out of the question. Daily transport by the commoners would have her exhausted and useless.

She searched high and low for a solution. Many turned their heads, as the request was so large. Until one day, a friend’s mother said she’d help… and so it was. She had a place to lay her head every other night, near her school.


High School ASB 94-95Ok, I’m not even sure if that all made sense. In short, before my senior year of high school, my parents moved out of the county. I didn’t want to transfer schools because I was: (1)  ASB Vice-President, (2) captain of my volleyball and basketball teams, and (3) a slew of other top creds in my school. I didn’t see how transferring would keep my resume strong for college, especially in sports, since you can’t transfer and play varsity your first year out. At the time, I wanted to leave the option of being a student-athlete in college.

I made the determination I would commute, but with my first class starting at 7 a.m. and occasionally, I had 6 a.m. practices and sports until 5 or 7 every night, the two hour commute by bus each direction was not a feasible way to live and succeed. So, I was able to get my best friend’s mother to stay every other night.

My basic high school schedule the first semester of my senior year was

  • Wake up at 4 a.m.
  • Walk to bus stop (about 10 minute walk)
  • Take a two hour bus ride (with a transfer about halfway through)
  • School from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Friends house for a snack
  • Practice at 3
  • Every other night, take bus home at 5 (or 7)

In short, it sucked.

So, having a place to crash at least every other night, was well worth it.

As an aside, my friend’s mom was so willing to have me sleep there all week, but my parents wouldn’t allow it.

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19 thoughts on “A Place to Lay My Head ~ #FTSF”

  1. That sounded absolutely awful and just so sorry you mom wouldn’t let you at the very least sleep there during the week, but my hat is off to you that you went through that to better yourself, as well as to educate yourself. Thank you for sharing and linking up with us, once again this week 🙂

    1. You know, when I was a kid, I was angry at it, but overall, I thought most of my issues were just teen angst. I have realized that most of it's not, just crappy parenting.

  2. While I'm sad for teenage you's horrible schedule and your parents not allowing you to stay at your friend's house all week, I admire you for realizing the import of staying in your school, and I admire your friend's mom for helping you to make staying there possible.

    1. Yes, I'm eternally grateful. I hope to be able to pay her back some day. She was also a wonderful music teacher. What saddened me most was that although my mother is also a college graduate from a pretty good school, she didn't understand it.

  3. kellylmckenzie

    At first I thought you meant the best friend's mom stayed overnight at your house! Hahaha! Now that's above and beyond. What a schedule for anyone to have to undergo let alone someone in grade 12. Wow. How very kind of your best pal's mom to step up and invite you to stay. Completely understand your folks wanting you home as well though. What a lucky thing you were able to work it out and make the best of it!

    1. I do to, which is why I never argued about it. It just made my senior year VERY rough! I'm glad I made it to the other side though.

  4. I read that as country at first and was shocked your parents went for it. Even so, a county away, you were lucky the school didn't kick you out. That has caused problems for a lot of kids I've known through the years. Especially if it's within a school year, I think if commuting is an option, it should always be left on the table. You're a tough cookie. I couldn't get up at 4 if a bomb went off! I might just be getting to sleep at 4, but I could never manage to get up that early and function through the day. Reminds me of how bad I always felt when I was in middle school in the burbs and they started busing kids in from the city. Knowing how long my bus ride took from just across town because of all the stops, it seemed like they must have had to leave home the night before to get to school on time! You're lucky to have had that friend's Mom in your corner. 🙂

    1. No, the county wasn't a problem only because I was a senior and had spent the last three years there (and it looked good for them to have me graduate and go to UCLA!). I also didn't see the benefit of staying home and didn't like being there, so it was really an easy choice for me. Lack of sleep sucked, but since we got out of school early, that extra time was often spent napping!

  5. Wonderful that your friend's Mom shared your dream of higher education, and was willing and able to support that dream. Also kudos to your parents for supporting that arrangement in high school so that you could excel academically and athletically in your senior year!

    1. Yes, I'm happy it worked out. I don't know how I would've handled transferring and I wasn't willing to find out! LOL!

  6. First of all, I admire how committed you were to your studies and your sport to get up at 4am and do the horrible commute for so many months when you were a teenager. You must have been absolutely exhausted. Your best friend's mum sounds like an angel 🙂

    1. She was super duper sweet. I love her so much and appreciate her for doing that. Now that I'm a mom, I realize how much that must of meant to her!

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  8. Brittnei Washington

    So interesting! Who knew. I could see you having been such a great student-athlete though. 🙂

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