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I’m loving to watch my little girls grow, but that also means that my little girls are becoming more and more of a handful. As Bee is very mobile and can be helpful, Butterfly is trying to move ~ possibly crawling in the near future. Bee wants to spend every day with “friends” and if she doesn’t, she isn’t a happy camper. Read the beginning of my series of Bee’s Buzzings!

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 This week, I’m paired up with Shelley, the awesome mom over at DIY Mama. Her blog is full of do it yourself projects, realizations for herself and her little bean, Sophie. She’s got a wonderful 35 by 35 list, even though she’s not quite 34, which is WAY more organized than I am. I’m planning on putting together a 36 by 36 (I’m already 35!). Shelley actually completes the “to do” pile that I know I have sitting in my “basket”. Check out the answers to my questions here!


1. I fall into luck very easily. Have you or your family won anything? I win things fairly often. Sometimes great prizes, sometimes not great. Tickets to concerts, top of the line chocolates, some other things. I rarely enter things that I’m not sure I could do, like vacations. And I’m always cautious about winning a super big prize. Over $500 (I think, don’t quote me), you have to pay taxes on it! I don’t have any money to pay taxes and I don’t want to sell the item to pay them either. Oh how I would love a free car about now though! 

2. Does your family have any traditions for Memorial Day weekend? Not at all. We don’t have many family traditions at all. Now that we’ve moved across country, maybe we’ll start making some.
3. What’s one song you wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning? There are so many! Why? Because I still sing songs from my youth regularly. I would love to wake up to Open My Heart by Yolanda Adams.

4. What is the hardest thing in your home to organize and keep organized? Bonus for pictures! Kitchen! I would love to keep our kitchen clean and clear, but as soon as you wash up the dishes, someone needs something to drink!
My Kitchen Nightmare ~ #AAF
5. What was the last thing you totally geeked out about that no one else found awesome? I can’t remember being geeked out on anything. I like things, but never have the time to put a lot of time into it. It’s probably Beauty and the Beast when we sang it in high school. None of my friends were into Disney back then.
6. If you could take your friends and family with you to live anywhere in the world, where would you live? Nice, France. I love the area, not quite city, country or suburbia. On the Mediterranean and a great city to live in.
7.I have a lot of skills that I wish I were better at but don’t want to take the time to practice and improve. If there was a way to enter a contest to win a skill, what skill would you want to win? Playing piano or being confident to promote myself. I think highly of myself, but I have problems telling others about it. Why is this important? Because I want to be an entrepreneur and you don’t do that not talking about yourself! Playing piano because I would love to be able to play the piano and sing like Alicia Keys!

8. I can’t stand not having polish on my toes or leaving the house without mascara. Is there any girlie product you don’t like to be without? Nope! I wish there were a way I could get rid of all my girlie products and just be me. But “just me” has imperfections that can either be hidden, enhanced or altered by certain girlie products!
9. It’s almost summer time! Camping or hotels? Hotels! No one dreams of sleeping in their backyard, yet somehow this is a vacation for some. Not I! Hotels ALL THE WAY!
10.  Finish this sentence ‘Sometimes I ________ when no one’s watching.‘ I answered singing the last time I was asked. This time, I’ll say dancing. Who sings without dancing? A little booty shake with music.
Bonus: Answer one question you asked me! I noticed on your “Truth” page, you talk about forgiveness. I have had to forgive someone very close to me. Do you have to forgive someone in your life? Have you forgiven them? Well, I guess my answer is in my question. I have struggled with forgiveness for a long while. See, I thought you say the words and all was forgiven, but I had to work through the process (whatever that actually means). I needed to be at a place where bringing up their name or hearing about them didn’t bring intense emotion ~ anger or sadness. I felt I had to get to place that little emotion was felt, not shown, to know I had truly forgiven this person.
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Nameplate 2 with Be Blessed
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