Getting Butterfly to Sleep {Zipadee-Zip Sleeper Giveaway and Review}

I have birthed four children and each is amazingly different! Of course, if you’re a mommy, you know this. The one place that is a constant strain on my well-being is their sleep patterns. Bunny slept through the night at 6 weeks. Alexander slept through the night even earlier. He actually slept 10 hours one night at 5 weeks old. I called the doctor frantically (because of his heart problem) and he said “Most parents would be happy!”

Then, we flip the script to my girls. Bee… oh, goodness, Miss Bee. She, to this day, seems to be allergic to sleep. She only sleeps when it’s truly a necessity. If allowed, she’d be the last one to sleep every night and she’s always the first one up. When she was an infant, she wouldn’t sleep on her own AT ALL! She hated being swaddled. She hated to wear any clothing at all. Her favorite position was on my chest. Because she would sleep in twenty minute increments otherwise, that’s where she slept most of the time. To this day, she still wakes up in the middle of the night, sometimes several times a night and comes in our bed.

Now there’s Butterfly. At four months old, she’s an ok sleeper at best. Her naps came at 10 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. everyday, for about 45 minutes to an hour. Night time, she also sleeps in two hour increments, waking up to nurse.

Zipadee ZipThat was her pattern until I received the Zipadee-Zip. What a difference a sleeper makes! She stopped liking the swaddler a couple of months ago, so I was in search of something to just let me get some REST!

In corresponding with the rep, she made mention that Butterfly was on the smallest side of their small, therefore it would help baby sleep best during naps more than overnight. I had no idea why or what that meant really. When I received this swaddle transition in the mail, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It was basically a large sleeper that outlined her body pretty perfectly with her legs and arms outstretched.

wpid-storageemulated0PicsArtzipadee-sleeper-nap.jpg.jpgYet, her first nap in it, she easily slept two hours, without interruption! She does that twice a day. The second nap is actually closer to three hoursI was so surprised, I jumped at the opportunity to try it at night. And true to what the rep said, it didn’t work. Well, it didn’t work as well as I hoped. Let me explain.

I’ve been using it for a little less than a month. When I put on the sleeper, she gets excited, like she knows sleep is coming (as opposed to Bee’s reaction which would have been full HULK!). She almost instantly reaches out to me to eat. Whether I’m supposed to or not, I normally nurse her to sleep or near sleep. She nurses and goes to sleep. Because it’s not a blanket and it can’t come off, she stays warm and drifts off to La-La Land for a good two to three hours.

I wish I could say she instantly slept through the night, but she hasn’t. However, she has slept more comfortably and quietly. No more antsiness. Each night, she sleeps a little longer (by a few minutes), progress she wasn’t making before. Since neither of the girls have taken pacifiers, the sleeve of the slumber sack has done well to appease her too! LOL!

wpid-storageemulated0PicsArtzipadee-car-seat.jpg.jpgAnother GREAT thing about the Zipadee-Zip Sleeper is that it transitions easily from bed to car seat. Butterfly normally wakes up when I try to put her in the car seat, but with this, not only does she not wake up, the comfort level helps her keep her sleep schedule going, no matter what we’re doing!

I look forward to finding out how well she sleeps as she grows. I know I’m ready for her to sleep through the night!

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15 thoughts on “Getting Butterfly to Sleep {Zipadee-Zip Sleeper Giveaway and Review}”

  1. Seriously could have used this when I stopped swaddling Lily. Poor thing had to go cold turkey, but love that there is now a product on the market like this for this stage. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I wish I had this with Bee too! Butterfly does exactly what happens in the video, even if she doesn't fall asleep, she calms down. It's great!

  2. tamaralikecamera

    This is taking me back. Sometimes I wish I could still swaddle my 1.5-year-old! Or my dog…
    Great giveaway!

    1. Although there are no exact weights for the sleepers, this is what it reads for the large: The difference between a size Medium and a size Large is pretty significant. The Large gives a baby full freedom of movement with no resistance at all. This is the size you want to move to after the transition and before your little one sleeps freely in normal PJ’s. It will still give them the security of being enclosed but will allow them to get used to moving around completely unrestricted. This size is also a perfect alternative for parents who haven’t swaddled and just want a great easy alternative to PJ’s that keeps their little ones hands warm at night.

      Basically, according to the site, it looks like it can go up to about 30 pounds or so. I would enter the giveaway! 🙂

  3. Miss Bee sounds just like my oldest. He stopped napping when he was 1 and never EVER napped in public or in the car.

    I would have loved this. I had similar things, but they didn't cover the arms. Mine are too big for this, but my sister just had a baby a week ago. I'm entering!

    1. Yea! I feel like I'm losing nap time with Miss Bee. 🙁 It's harder to put her down daily. Hopefully once we set up her room, it'll mean something.

  4. courtneyconover

    April, I so enjoyed this post because, you've touched on something that, in essence, has become my battle cry: "Please stay asleep, Kennedy!! Why, oh why, won't you stay asleep!!!???" My son — being the chunker that he was at a whopping 17 pounds at two months — slept through the night seemingly from Jump Street.

    This little peanut? Not so much.

    Thank God she has her days and nights straight, but it's the teething that has recently made us take two steps backward: We were down to her sleeping 12 hours at night — only getting up once to nurse…and then, BAM! Now we're right back to getting up 3x a night because the nursing soothes her when her gums hurt. Her first 2 bottom teeth will pop through any moment now…

    Mama. Just. Wants. More. Sleep. 🙁

    1. I wish it were temporary. So far, she has proven herself to be strong willed in all aspects, including sleeping! I haven't had a decent night sleep in over two years! Mama. Wants. Some. Sleep. LOL!

  5. I am so very incredibly jealous your son slept through the night at 5 weeks old. All 3 of my boys were like your Butterfly, getting up every 2 hours to nurse. They really disliked the swaddle blankets that velcroed them in, they each fought the blanket until they pried their little arms free.

    Thanks for sharing this solution with my #SmallVictoriesSunday linky 14. I hope you continue to link up with us each week! I also have a Throwback Thursday linkup that is live now so stop back by and add an old post you'd like to get a second read and sharing.

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