And the big deal is? #FTSF

I never understood what the big deal was about…

Well, my first answer was actually last week’s prompt… CONCERTS. But I don’t want to do a repeat, so I’ll come up with a new answer.

I don’t see the big deal about going to opening day at the movies. Every Monday, we hear the box office topping the previous week. But why?

Why Go to The Movies | 100lb CountdownWho doesn’t have a big screen flat television? We are modest in our electronic purchases and one of our tv’s are 46″ and the other is 55″.

I walk into Costco and 10 of them are on display, almost all of them larger than the 55″ one. You know how I know this, because each one has an outline of a 55″ television just so that you know how small your TV is compared to the one they are selling.

Movie theater prices are outrageous! One night with hubs, a drink and snack each can easily run you $40. That’s $40 for soda that you can get by the can for 25 cents and old nachos. Yes, they are improving and are great if you want to get to the theater an extra 20 minutes early to get in line and for them to prepare it pop it in the microwave.

Plus as parents, we need to find a sitter, as if that was free.

With Redbox, Amazon, and Netflix, if you wait a whole maybe two months, you could get it for $1.30 instead of $24!

What’s the point? If you skip a few of the theater movies, you could actually afford the giant screen in home, no babysitter needed, good food having night of entertainment!

This has been another edition of Finish the Sentence Friday!

Finish the Sentence Friday

By the way, I don’t feel that strongly about the movies, but do spend a lot of time utilizing Redbox and Netflix. I enjoy taking in the occasional blockbuster on the gigantic screens, for the “experience”.

10 thoughts on “And the big deal is? #FTSF”

  1. Couldn't agree with you more and that is why we have a 60" Flatscreen in our living room. We pretty much do movies in our house too and only in a blue moon do we actually see a movie in the theatre anymore. So, you said this quite perfectly in my eyes. Thanks for sharing and for linking with us again this week đŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I saw Gravity in the theaters, and I like to see the blockbusters, but even then, I wait until the fuss dies down and try to take in a matinee.

  2. I agree. We don't really do movie theaters here. Only when something we really want to see and don't want to wait on comes out, like the next movie in a theater we will probably see will be the third Hobbit. We watched the first two at home. We did the same with the newer Star Wars where we saw the first 2 at home and the third one in the theater. Same with Harry Potters. And Die Hards. The main reason we don't do theaters, honestly, I smoke. I like smoking while watching a movie so that I don't eat until I'm vomiting from overeating. I can't sit still long enough and not smoke or eat or do something else. Movie nights at home also entail a good dinner, whether we get Outback take-out or make our own steaks. But Steaks are perfect for movies. So perfect, next movie I see in a theater, I'll probably sneak in steak in a big purse.

    1. I have snuck a lot of food into theaters. I can definitely say that a steak is not one… The riskiest was a burger. However, I love the bad nachos and popcorn. I almost never can go without eating some! LOL! I don't know anyone who smokes anymore. It's all but outlawed in CA.

  3. We haven't been to the theater since the last Harry Potter movie. We rent four to six movies every weekend and watch from our comfy couch, with our homemade snacks, and our ability to pause the movie whenever necessary.

    1. I wish we could get through that many. We watch one or two a weekend, on our own time, with no one walking in front of us or paying for parking!

  4. canigetanotherbottleofwhine

    I agree. I don't see many movies. I think my husband and I might go see Divergent if it's still out in a month when my MIL comes to visit. But yeah, I just get stuff at Redbox or the library or watch Netflix. In bed. LOL! That's so much nicer. All the movies we've seen in the theatre (very few) have been kid movies. I enjoy sharing the experience with my kids that I had as a kid before VCRs and everything that came after that. But it is ridiculously expensive.

    1. Yes, we saw the Lego Movie in theaters. Before that was Gravity, and before that, I couldn't even try to guess. LOL!

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