#AskAwayFriday with Lanaya {Raising Reagan}

It’s Friday again, or for me, Thursday, since I post this early and I have opened myself to being asked anything under the sun and I answer with honesty!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better! We now have four permanent hosts ~ Penny at The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Tiffany at Mrs. Tee – Love, Life, and Laughter, Amber at Bold Fab Mom and Stacey at This Momma’s Ramblings. 10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

 This is my Week 10 of #AskAwayFriday where I spill my guts to all of you!

Check them all out!

AAF 12 Lanaya

This week, I switch questions with the first blogger that actually responded to my comment on their site AND that I have met in real life. She really is a super momma, recently returning to work, while raising her daughter, Reagan, running an online toy store, Reagan’s Toy Chest AND being a great wife! So, let’s get the party started with my friend, Lanaya from Raising Reagan for this week’s #AskAwayFriday!

1.       With big moves {especially cross country} it takes time to feel like you are back to yourself and your routine. Do you finally feel settled into your new home state? Nope, not at all. It’s been rough finding a routine. But I’m not sure how much is because of the move or other things. We hadn’t bought a “new” second car yet, so that means that there’s a lot of extra driving that I have to do. My husband was carpooling, but just this week lost his carpool buddy, which means I have to take him to work in the morning. Nap time is rough with Miss Bee no matter when you put her down, but naturally I think she wants to take a nap between 12:30 and 1. We can’t do that, because it means that I’ll have to wake her up to pick up her brother from school at 2, and an hour nap isn’t sufficient. So, some days I can get her down between 11:30 and 12 and some days I can’t. On the days I can’t, means she naps when Bunny (Mr D) gets home, which also means that she’s excited to have her brother home. Then sometime between picking him up and 5, I have to make dinner and pick up my husband. I feel like I’m living in a world of chaos. 

2.       What’s your favorite room in your new home? It’s my bedroom, which I talked about here! But I’m starting to like my living room more. I just got a new desk for just $45, and soon it should get its own new chair too! Once the house is put together, I’m hoping the living room/dining room will be my favorite area to be in.


3.       Living in California you weren’t close to any family. Now that you live in Florida, you have family around. Is there anything you miss about not being so close to family? Or is there one thing that California had that you wish you had now? There are pangs of things I miss from California. One, the family is not all up in the business! Now, overall, the family (my husband’s family) isn’t too overbearing, but when I first arrived, we butt heads a few times over parenting and decorating. On the other hand, for the first few months after we arrived, they called me EVERY SINGLE DAY, normally both my MIL and FIL. On one hand it was super annoying, but on the other, I wasn’t used to that so it was kinda sweet. Now they call a couple of times a week. The one thing I absolutely miss about California is the MOUNTAINS! Man, Christmas and no snow capped mountains to be seen, no short drive to get in the snow, no afternoon trips up into the mountains. Everything here is just flat… except the major landfill!

Moving on to your kiddos …

4.       You have given birth to four children. Did you have any major food cravings that differed when you were pregnant with your girls vs your boys? Yes, with both my boys, I ate incredibly healthy… like super duper healthy. I didn’t gain very much weight at all… veggies, water, simple proteins. Every once in a while I would crave a burger. With the girls, it was SUGAR, SUGAR, and more SUGAR! Anything sweet, I could not keep my hands off! Even things I don’t normally like, like Pecan Pie.  I don’t like NUTS! But if sugar was part of the food, it went into my mouth. I’m surprised I didn’t gain over 40 pounds with either of them.

5.       Miss B is really coming into her own. What is one of her favorite activities to do with you? Really anything! She likes to cook with me, go shopping with me, paint with me… When she’s not being a brat and I have the time (i.e., no blogging deadlines), she does everything I do, from cleaning to playing! It’s actually kinda cool.


6.       If daycare, money, living space, etc was not an issue, would you ever have any more kids? Yes. I think my husband wants more, and I’d do it for him. Watching him with our kids is the greatest thing. He’s a really great dad, and now he actually has the time to be one.

Now to some random questions …

7.       What is the last full-album you downloaded or bought in CD format? LOL! Me, buy a CD? Hmmm, I was on that Napster tip back in the day, about the only thing I’ve done that’s straight illegal. Right now, I’m working on downloading Tamar Braxton’s Love and War through Freegal (thanks Sonya K!). It’s a free service that works with your local library. The downside is  you can only download three songs a week, the upside is that once you download them, they’re yours to do as you wish. I would love to open up my variety of music, but not really listening to radio makes finding out new music VERY hard!

8.       What is the last movie you saw in the movie theater that wasn’t kid related? Now that I’m not in California, I have an answer for that question. It was Gravity. We saw it in IMAX 3D. The script was pretty on the nose, but the visual artistry was amazing. I couldn’t tell you the last movie I saw in theaters in California, for years!

9.       If you could reprise the role of any character in a hit movie within the last decade, who would you become? This question is the only one that I struggled with. I have no idea really. I’m not really an “in front of the camera” type of person. As you notice, I don’t have a lot of vlogs. However, when I’ve acted, I’ve done great. I’ll say Katniss from The Hunger Games. Why? Because she’s beautiful, athletic, smart, and hard working. At least from what I saw. In reality, I need a movie that’s going to force me into immense amounts of athletic training. I was trying to find an Angelina Jolie movie, because she does a lot of her stunts. I would love to do that! But I need to lose a lot of weight first!

10.   HP or Mac? Apple or Droid? I’ve never had the money to invest in a Mac. From what I can tell, Macs are awesome for graphic design and online stuff, so for a computer, I would like a Mac. However, I only have a PC, which I got from my old job that was selling their hard drives to replace them with the new small desktop hard drives. For phones, I would have to go Droid all the way! I’ve had an iPod (not an iPhone), and the functionality isn’t the same. With the droid, I can jump back and forth between applications, the back button will take you from the current application to the previous application, without bringing up a menu. But since Apple doesn’t play well with others, PC/Droid all the way!

Now head on over to Raising Reagan and find out Lanaya’s answers to my questions!


19 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday with Lanaya {Raising Reagan}”

  1. I must agree about the whole Mac thing. I had a PC in the past and finally got a Mac a few years back and just love it. Seriously, once you go back you just can’t go back. I ended up buying a newer MacBook when I needed to and just couldn’t even think about buying a PC again.

    1. As soon as it's in my budget. I just wish they'd play better with non-mac products so I can keep my phone. I can't just on the Apple bandwagon. :/

  2. Hey April, I'm glad to hear that you are using Freegal. It would be great if you could download more than three songs, sometimes I will download songs using my hubby's account if he doesn't have anything he wants to download for the week. I've been mostly downloading stuff from the 90's. This week it was Babyface and probably next week too.

    1. I wish you could download onto a tablet. I don't see the app on my son's, but that is the main reason I download anyway, for them. I don't listen to music very much myself. IT's helpful to have something cheap, even if it takes you a little longer to get it!

  3. Flat really does describe Florida perfectly. It is sweet that your inlaws have been so excited to have you near. But also good that they aren't calling every single day now. That could be a little much.

    I'm a droid girl, too. And I can't give up my PC. I know everyone loves their MACs SO much, but I'm honestly a little scared of them. So I'm going to stick with what makes me comfortable…and what makes my wallet happier.

    1. LOL! I love graphic design and I know I could do more with it, but since it's not a career, I'm not sure it's worth the investment. I'm not used to the no hills or mountains. It's great for navigating! I can always figure out where I am.

  4. tamaralikecamera

    I went from California to MA and it was hard. I missed the mountains, the dry air and the lack of mosquitoes and ticks – at least in the city.
    I also missed privacy.. my husband's family is all here and that was an adjustment.
    I'm all Apple products here, but mostly from chance. I inherited my grandfather's iMac when he passed away. What a change! I'm a photographer though so I really needed one.

    1. The dry air… oh the dry air. I miss that! Even though I don't do much with my hair, coming here, there's little I CAN do with my hair! I thought moving here would mean that they would be all in the business, but they aren't. We see them most weekends, but only to take two of our children and Sunday dinner after church. Otherwise, we rarely see them. Boundaries are pretty strong and I think MIL is afraid if she comes on too strong, I'll run. LOL! Since I'm from CA, I don't think she wants to jeopardize me leaving and she knows we're here because of me, not her son. Yes, a Mac is definitely necessary for graphics of any sort!

  5. You did a great job answering the questions! I love that Miss B is finding her independence and loves working along side you. I'm sure it's nice having Jefferson home and I'm so excited you guys get to be more of a family now that his commute isn't cutting into that anymore. It takes a lot to get settled after a big move, I know how you feel.
    And I know, give yourself time, but you could rock the Angelina Jolie roles — your shyness isn't fooling me!! LOL


    1. You know what's funny, I would never describe myself as shy, but I seem to definitely come off that way. I've been a spokesperson for different groups and organizations, have no problem speaking in front of a crowd. It's just anything BUT speaking that gets me a little freaked out. I'm working this year to change this. More vlogs to come!

  6. I've never tried Mac or any Apple products so Android all the way. I'd love to stay in a place where there are also mountains. I love nature pretty much.. And speaking of Katniss, I love JLAW so I also love her character on all movies she had.. 🙂

    1. I liked the cool that mountains brought. It would hold in the cool off the coast. She's got a great body, and is thin, but in some movies has a larger, but slim stature.

  7. I really wanted to see Gravity but it looked so much like a space version of Tom Hanks in Cast Away that I decided to wait for the DVD…it does still intrigue me though.

    I am Apple all the way and all around…I have an iPod, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air and an iMac is on my WishList!

    1. You know, now that I think about it, yep, that's a good likeness. It was good. I liked it. The only reason that we went to the theaters to see it was because it was recommended by a few people we just HAD to see it in 3D. Otherwise, at home would've been just fine for me! So, if I need to do some serious graphic design, I'll just head your way! 🙂 I just wish Apple played well with others, it would be easier open up my house to one of their products! LOL!

  8. Love that desk!! I go back and forth about getting a new one. Right now I use an old antique, fold down desk that was my grandparents. I think I just love it for sentimental reasons, because it really isn't very functional. So there's my dilemma!
    I wish I had a Mac – everyone that has one seems to love it! And I'm an iPhone girl – I'm hooked! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thank you! I got it for such a good price and it fits perfectly with my style. I had just seen a server just like it a few weeks before, but didn't buy it because I didn't know what desk I was getting. I love sentimental pieces. I guess I've always been too broke to be a Mac gal! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  9. jugglingrealfoodandreallife

    Hi April! It's so nice to get to know you a little better. All of your changes really do sound stressful, but I bet in time things will settle down. Your daughter is adorable. I love to hear stories about children learning to cook. That's music to my ears.

    1. Since I didn't learn at an early age, I'm really trying to get my kids to do it. It's actually kinda fun with them!

  10. thehappymommyproject

    Welcome to Florida! You are practically my neighbor now. Waves from Alabama! You aren't kidding about the flatness of Florida. Nothing even resembling hills there.

    Visiting from Countdown in Style link up…hope you have a great week!

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