I went to a concert… #FTSF

And realized I was an old lady.

I went to a concert

My first concert was in 1983. I was 4. We sat in the back in an amphitheater in Los Angeles and waited a LONG time. I fell asleep at some point. Michael Jackson was a no show or a late show. It was the night he burnt his hair filming a Pepsi commercial.

My second concert was the 13 years later. The artist… Janet Jackson. Who’d of thunk? I was invited by a family friend. We sat in the grass of the Glen Helen Pavilion and “watched” her on the huge screens. Actually, I spent the evening checking out the guys and trying to figure out how to ditch the friend. Since there were only two of us, I couldn’t figure out how. Plus, she was my ride.

My third concert was when I was 21. At the time, it had to be the hottest concert around. Performing was: N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and many more.

I can’t remember who performed first. All I remember was I was sitting third row center and the person in front of me was standing on her chair.

And I couldn’t see.

I wanted to yell: “You’re in the second row! You can everything just fine! Get off of the chair!” But my friend let me know that I sounded like an old lady.

So I sat there, uncomfortable that I couldn’t see, not wanting to stand on my chair, trying to decide what to do.

Then I realized I had backstage passes and thought “Why the heck am I watching this concert when I could be talking to them! I left my seat, never to return to a concert row ever again.

I don’t quite understand why you’d want to pay for parking, food, drinks, and seats for someone to sing a song that you have in your car that you bought for a couple of dollars. I especially don’t like when they toss it out to the crowd to sing. Why did I pay for this? If that’s your thing, please don’t take offense, I just don’t get it.

What happened backstage is a story for another day!

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14 thoughts on “I went to a concert… #FTSF”

  1. I totally love that that infamous Michael Jackson concert was your first. And sorry you had that experience with the rude person on the chair, but yay for backstage passes and would love to know what happened (maybe you will share in another post). Thanks again for linking up with us this week 🙂

    1. Yes, she singlehandedly caused almost the entire orchestra section to stand, because then her friend stood, then the person behind her did, etc., etc. Those were my carefree days! 🙂

  2. How'd you have the backstage tpasses you lucky girl? That is so cool. Yes, I want to hear that story too. I don't suspect you'd enjoy being in your late teens or early 20-s now. It's all about the concerts now, isn't it. My two have seen more groups than I ever did and my son is heading to a three day one this August with a zillion of his "most favorite." Oh they'll be stories there. Sadly, I'll probably only be treated to one or two …

    1. Girl, I have connections that I never knew I had at that time. If I was smarter, I would've spent more time cultivating those relationships. In short, I got those tickets because I knew the right people and didn't act a fool around celebrities. 🙂

  3. OOOH I do want to hear what happened back stage. And I'm one of the ones who "gets" going to a concert. There's just something FUN about it that I probably would not be able to capture today.

    1. I want to "get" it. I just don't. I'd rather be in the backroom singing with them, instead of yelling at a stage. Maybe because I've seen both sides? Hmmm… Now, it's just too much "work". LOL!

  4. Real. Life. Parenting.

    Backstage??? At THAT concert???? Oh my. That had to be a lot of fun … and lots of eye candy!!

    1. Lots and lots of eye candy… and candy! LOL! There are very few things I miss about being single and childfree, this was one of them!

  5. So cool that you got to go backstage!! You have to tell that story. I'm probably not the kind of person who's cool around celebrities. I met one of my favorite bloggers for crying out loud and I got all weird. I guess I'm just not destined to mingle with the stars 🙂

    1. I used to work in entertainment law and mixed and mingled with many of them. The only one who got me tongue tied was LL Cool J, but I was in high school and didn't' know what to say back then.

  6. That's EXACTLY how I feel about concerts! Between not being able to see, not being able to hear, and often getting a contact high off all the pot wafting around, I'd just assume see/hear it on video. I am glad I went to see Elton John with Billy Joel in Face to Face though! The other thing is that half the time, in person, they sound nothing like they do recorded — all that editing — so you're not hearing what you thought you would anyhow. That's hot I rate good singers. You can still be a good performer, but if you can't sing the songs live and have them come out pretty close to how they sound recorded, I'm always disappointed, and decide that person's not a good singer. [#FTSF]

    1. I don't get it and it's crowded! I understand good performances, I guess. But you can even get those on DVD or Palladia or FUSE on television! Yes, you can definitely tell the difference! I like idea of concerts, but never got into them. 🙂

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