Some People Never Left School {#FTSF}

Yay! I’m co-hosting this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday! I would be a little more excited if my sentence didn’t get changed, but hey, let’s roll with it, shall we? Especially since I can’t remember what the original was. LOL!

This week’s sentence is … “I’m done with school, but…”

I have a tons of education under my belt. Twenty years to be exact – Kindergarten through law school. At each stage, you expect a little more maturity, a little more responsibility, and a little more common sense.

So, you suffer through the mean girls, you suffer through the immaturity and girls fighting over boys. You can’t wait until you can just have an “adult” conversation to resolve an issue, instead it becoming them versus you. Don’t get me wrong, I was all of those things… immature, angry, mean, sweet, kind, irrational, rational, etc.

Then I grew up. I learned that I needed to think before I acted. I realized there were consequences to words. No longer could you live by “Sticks and stones may break you bones but words can never hurt me.” Instead, I started living by the mantra… “Sticks and stones won’t break their bones, but instead they may not hire you.” Depending where you live, it could be… “their friend may not hire you.”

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about being a grown up.  But I didn’t feel different. I had a child and still felt like the same girl who was going to school. However, I have held down a job, paid my own way, taken care of myself and my family, to sacrifice of myself or for my future. Because that’s what being an adult is about.

But some people never actually did grow up.

I tend to ignore office politics. When I was working, I had this co-worker who was a secretary. She kept her head down and in her work. Every time I passed her desk, she was diligently working – no Facebook, no non-work related websites, no talking or texting on her phone. Yet, one other secretary rallied the other secretaries to keep tabs on her. She’s late by a minute, she gets written up. She takes a “long” bathroom break, she gets written up. If she takes a phone call, a minute before she clocks out, she gets written up. As an adult, we are also supposed to be responsible for our work and work product. She did an excellent job with glowing reviews, except these little picks at her. Basically, she was being bullied in her workplace. I don’t use the word bully as an adult lightly. But this was affecting her job and her ability to keep it, happily.

I have found as I age:

  • Those petty people in high school that like to tear others down? They’re your co-worker.
  • That girl who walked around celebrating her celibacy bracelet? She’s the married Christian woman who’s always looking down at your actions and berating you for having that drink.
  • The guy who let everyone cheat off of him to be liked is still letting people walk all over him and in debt.
  • The jock that everyone thought was cool? He’s still living his glory days as a football star, because nothing else has worked out well for him.

I’m not saying that people can’t change. I’m saying that most people don’t seem to change, or change very much. Sometimes that’s good. If you’re a sweetheart, you shouldn’t be less sweet, but if you were a pain in the butt, maybe you should look into being a little sweeter.

Part of growing up is accepting change, and part of it is realizing that you aren’t a child any more even if you, in your heart, feel like one. It’s realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around you, but others exist and they matter! Their feelings matter, and a look or a word can break someone down.

It’s hard to be an adult. It’s hard to be responsible for yourself and often for others. Yet some people live in their glory days of high school, and make it suck for the rest of us.

Overall, “I’m done with school, but” some people still act like they haven’t.

This has been another edition of #FTSF.. join in on Friday!

Finish the Sentence Friday

14 thoughts on “Some People Never Left School {#FTSF}”

  1. First off, so happy to have you co-hosting with us!! And second so true about some people acting as if they never left school. I have for one am happy it is behind me and truly never want to go back, because this where I am now and like you have grown up, I suppose 🙂

    1. I can only say I "grew up" because I'm not the same person I was in school and I don't think we were meant to be the same.

  2. Oh so very true! Just back from zumba and there is a woman there who you would recognise. She has to be front and centre each and every time. She throws herself into the class and only chats with the people who are like her. It's really comical. She stays for at least two classes in a row. My pal and I commented just tonight that watching her was like being back in highschool. While I've just met Ms. Front Row I feel like I've known her since school days. You're right. Those folks never change.

    1. Oh yes! I love watching Ms. Front Row! She actually keeps me going, because I stop thinking about the work out… Is that bad?

  3. So glad you're co-hosting this week and too funny that you don't remember your original sentence (was going to ask you). I know what you mean about some people still living like they're in high school. My ex was the football dude who was too cool with his convertible and stuff in high school and never topped it. It's like those really were the best days of his life. Sad really.

    1. I think the jocks are the funniest. They can remember their best game like it was last night! I can't remember what actually happened last night! I appreciate their success, but don't you want to create new dreams and new really good memories?

  4. Meltdowns, Breakdowns, and Time-Outs

    So true!! I find myself continually shocked by the way some adults still insist on behaving like we're still in the drama filled hallways of high school or college. Luckily, unlike my teenage self, I just laugh at them now;)

    1. Yes, there's a time and place for it. And it was high school. WE've been there, we did stupid things, we begged for popularity or stayed on the outside. Now, we shouldn't have to deal with it. And yes, now it is VERY comical!

  5. I agree with this, LOL! The same people that you dealt with in High School. That snippy cheerleader that looked down on you, is the uptight mom that judges you at Parent's day. Hahaha!

    It's a vicious cycle! 😉 Thanks for co-hosting this week!

  6. I think we know some of the same people, April. Bullying happens in the work place along with the mean girls thing. I've been surprised at how similar it can be. Luckily, I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin that I let it roll off the vast majority of the time.

    1. It does surprise me. I'm so caught up in my family, that I don't have time to make it worse for people at work. I want to work and get home ASAP!

  7. Lisa @ Golden Spoons

    I think it's true that as adults there are still "cliques" of people – the pretty girls, the jocks, the "holy rollers," and the nerds – at least, that's what we called them in high school. Back then, I never knew where I fit in and I still don't. The difference is that I'm comfortable with who I am (for the most part). I am still amazed, though, by how immature some "adults" can be!

    1. I find it sad. They are missing out on so much more now. I don't know where I ever fit in either, and I've pretty much always been comfortable with it, but I just thought it would change, ya know?

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