Am I Really a Grownup? {#FTSF}

I wake up, get dressed, get my kids dressed, run my son to school, run errands and whatever else I need to do.

Besides tossing in the kids, it doesn’t seem much different from when I was at home. When do you start to FEEL like a grownup?

Let me think about what’s different now:

  • When we get bills in the mail, I actually have to DO something with them besides put them in a pile for someone else. Well, actually I don’t have to, I can let them sit there, but I actually like my electricity.
  • When I’m hungry for dinner, I either have to go to the store or make something. I can’t just hope I like what appears before me.
  • When I roll out of bed in the morning, no one is yelling to hurry to get to school. Well, I guess this is me imagining that that happening since especially in high school, I was the first one up and out the door in my house.
  • I get first dibs on the remote.
  • When I leave clothes on the floor, I KNOW that it’ll still be there when I come back.
  • When someone yells “Mom”, I actually have to pay attention.wpid-1113-children-t.jpg
  • When someone says I’m hungry, that is an indicator that I’m responsible for doing something (wait, this isn’t different at all).
  • I have to review the report cards that come into the house.
  • I don’t look forward to going to the club on Friday night and instead hope I get to Redbox before all the good movies are gone.

Those are all the things that ARE different, but I don’t feel any different. I still feel like I could go out and be the life of the party, except I know that I’ll be looked at like that old lady trying to twerk or looking to get her groove back.

Now, I’m the age of the women in the television shows that I use

This week’s sentence for Finish the Sentence Friday is…

‘The Most Unexpected Part of Being a Grownup is…”

Finish the Sentence Friday

18 thoughts on “Am I Really a Grownup? {#FTSF}”

  1. April, so many of these I was shaking my head yes to and especially the remote, because we have two TVs and if I don't like what Kevin is watching, I watch on the other TV with the remote all mine! Thanks seriously for linking with us again this week 🙂

    1. Of course. It's probably my favorite part! LOL! Who can argue with not watching kid shows 24/7? Of course… I love the prompts.

  2. My mom used to always say "Keep on living.". It took becoming an adult to truly understand. When I was teaching, I would tell my students to enjoy their teenage years, because adulthood is no joke.

  3. The most unexpected part of being a grown up is…that no matter how old and no matter what he responsibilities I steel feel like a child inside:)

    1. You know I do too. I never know what to do with that. I mean, I fell like I want to run around in the water and spend all day in the pool, but I just can't. I have other responsibilities. Even if I "made" time, what does that look like, a grown woman spending six hours in the pool? I don't think we ever "grow up", I think we change priorities, and have more responsibilities. That's all that's different, because as much as the outside changes, the inside is the same little girl that swam all day.

    1. Netflix is much different now that Redbox is around (I was an EARLY adapter, I think over 10 years now). But I love grabbing the hubby, Butterfly and cuddling up on the couch! It's much more comfortable than spending an hour getting dressed, and all the other hubbub that goes along with going out.

  4. That's a good point … although I am a food blogger and love to play in the kitchen, I miss those magical moments when my mother would create something fabulous and place it in front of me. She's 1,500 miles away from me now, so we can't exactly play together in the kitchen. 🙁

    1. I never had those moments with my mom, but am trying to create them with my children. Teaching my son to experiment in ways I was never comfortable doing. I love it. There's something special about someone cooking for you just out of love, almost, regardless of what it tastes like.

  5. Can you do a vlog of the twerking thing? I'd love to see that. I think I'd throw out my back. My favorite is the remote. It belongs to me since I pay for it. 🙂

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one amazed by my adulthood. I feel like every time I go through a major life milestone (living in my own place for the first time, getting married, having a child) that I will feel like a grown-up…..Nope, not yet!

    1. I'm really waiting for that "feeling". I guess it won't come. Now I have three kids, my siblings who I still call "kids" are adults, I don't know how else to feel. I want to go to the club, but quite frankly, I don't stay up that late anymore and certainly don't look nearly as good in a clubbing outfit. LOL!

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