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This is my Week 7 of #AskAwayFriday where I spill my guts to all of you!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better! We now have four permanent hosts ~ Penny at The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Tiffany at Mrs. Tee – Love, Life, and Laughter, Amber at Bold Fab Mom and Stacey at This Momma’s Ramblings. 10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

This week, Mrs. Tee from LoveLifeLaughter.com and I switched questions. Tiffany is the mother of SIX children and married to soldier. She manages #TeamHaywood with grace and #828Blessings. You should take a look around and find out more about this awesome woman!


First let me say I admire all Moms who can keep up with the Kiddies and still find time for fitness.  You say that you started because you were tired of the weight brought on by life’s changes and situations (paraphrasing 🙂 )  If it weren’t for that do you think you would have still started your fitness journey?  

I think I’d still be on a journey, but it’d be more of maintenance. I was always on the heavier side, but within the normal range. When I was in college, before my first major bout with depression, I was a regular gym-goer. I rarely went to hit the treadmill or the weight machines, but I would go to the TaeBo classes, hosted by Mr. Billy Blanks himself (what can I say, I went to college in Hollywood). On the weekends, I used to run the basketball courts, which also included those college players and sometimes a few pros. I think I would have kept that up, playing and running. I love competition, and always loved to make sure that I was at least active, if not fit.  

What would you recommend for a Mom who is beginning her path to fitness but still needs to maintain a home and Kiddies?
First you have to determine how much time you have to invest in you… you may have to give up some “me” time for it to be a workout instead. If you don’t get regular me time every day (we’re moms, so that’s very likely), find things to incorporate the kids. Kids like playing out doors and running around. You wouldn’t believe how long running around the yard lasts. You can do relay races (this also gives you a break), time at the park, or even (if you don’t mind running in your house) a circuit. Not only do you get in shape, but the kiddos can learn that exercise may be fun.
I am a heavy snacker…if I’m bored – snack, tired – snack, sad – snack (you get the idea).  What healthy alternatives would you recommend to replace my chips, cupcakes and potato skins?
Girl, you are speaking my language. Snacking is so yummy. Chips can be replaced with Kale Chips or homemade popcorn, and cupcakes for actual dark chocolate (just a piece or two). I don’t know what to replace potato skins with. Quite frankly, there’s nothing that tasty. I suggest making them thinner, less potato, and leave off the cheese, load it with veggies instead, like spinach, bell peppers and zucchini. I’m not much for removing things from your eating habits, especially not immediately. It’s hard and you won’t stick with it.
If your best friend came to you and said she needed a break, what would you take her to do?
Well, since all of my besties live several thousand miles away, I’ll assume she came to town. We’d get a mani-pedi, eat a nice meal and find some nice calm activity like walking the beach so we could chat!
You are a licensed but non-practicing lawyer (for very good reason).  If you were to begin practicing what area of law did you want to specialize in?  Why? I want to clarify first, I’m not licensed. Unfortunately, I have not passed the bar in any state yet. There are SO many things I want to do. When I first went to law school, I wanted to be either an international or entertainment attorney. My bachelor’s degree is in International Economics and living in Hollywood, I met tons of entertainers. Then, once I got there, I liked criminal law because I spent some time at the public defender’s office, which I loved. It doesn’t pay much though and isn’t flexible. Ultimately, I was pretty indecisive…
You describe your son Mr. D, as an evil genius…
(a) What is the most ‘evil’ thing he has done?  I don’t think he’s actually evil. However, if he were to ever harness his power, I’m sure he’d be able to do naughty, oh so naughty, things. In general, he gets people to do and buy things for him all the time. He doesn’t do mean things, but he acts extremely innocent and young. His voice goes higher, he bats his eyelashes, he smiles. Regularly, grandma comes over and cleans his entire room, and she leaves complaining that I should be doing it. He’s 10. Perfectly capable of cleaning his own room.
(b) Where do you think he gets his genius gene from, you or your husband? I would definitely say me. I asked my husband to describe me in one word, and he said the only word that came to mind was “conniving, but in a good way”. I guess I tend to do it too.
Pick words to describe your day today.
Pleasant ~ the weather (and Miss B) were extremely pleasant today.
Quiet ~ I didn’t have to fight any of my children today.
Productive ~ Because of the aforementioned, I was actually able to get things done.
Would you prefer to have a mani/pedi or a night out? Wow! That’s a hard one, as I stare at my toenail that desperately needs to be pedicured. Mani/pedi’s are more long lasting, but needing a break is always good. I’ll say a night out, because ultimately, I can always give myself a mani/pedi even if I hate doing it.
You daughter 4G was only 1 month old when you wrote your description of her, how has she changed since then?
LOL! Well, I’ll be updating their online names (calling her Butterfly) as well as their descriptions soon enough. She is a  lovely child. I don’t think she’s changed from eating and sleeping, but her personality is definitely coming in. She LOVES to laugh, smile at her, and she’ll smile back. She’s a mommy’s girl, but that may be because she’s breastfed and spends basically 23 hours with me alone. She is already learning how to handle Bee (Miss B). She is very cautious when Bee comes around, then if she gets too close, turns her head and pushes her away. She’s already starting to fight back, which Bee doesn’t like, and yelling in her face (which is kinda the only thing Bee responds to). She loves to talk and I think will be my social butterfly. She normally talks herself to sleep.
Snap a picture of your Blog work space.  What about it do you love and what about it would you change?  Why?
Oh, I hate it. We bought a desk for my son, and have to use it a desktop computer. I’m much more of a laptop type of girl. I hate the confinement of a chair, sitting up and my posture tends to be atrocious. We are in the midst of decorating our new home, but haven’t gotten to the “adult” desk. Oh, and my laptop completely died a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, it would be my bed, which I’m happy with (for now) as my workspace.

22 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday with Tiffany”

  1. A great Q & A ladies! I think all kids have a bit of that evil genius in them, not in a bad way or anything, but it's there! LOL! I am ready for a girls night out with adults! Of course, I would even be thrilled with a girls day out for lunch or something. Have a great weekend, April!

    1. My SIL invited me out AND my alumni association has an event this weekend. I'm hoping I can go to one of them ALONE! I just need some adult time. Some are just slighty manipulative, but when you get others to come back to mom and dad to say that you're putting too much on them, I consider that pretty genius. LOL!

  2. I love your suggestion for a snacker trying to go straight! LOL There truly is nothing like a good ol' potato skin but I think swappin gout the cheese for veggies would be a healthier option.

    OMGosh…your son and my youngest should meet! LOL He has these eyes..I melt everytime! Hubby says I'm a pushover…when I tell you he turns that look on like a switch! It's like Puss In Boots in the latest dreamworks movie…all eyes! LOL

    It was great echanging with you and I had fun getting to know you better. 🙂

    1. Goodness, he's my only boy and he's just so darn adorable. I hate having to punish him in anyway and normally can't look him in the eye. No, there's no replacement of a good potato skin… they are so yummy! LOL! I had fun exchanging with you. I'll have to stop by tomorrow. I LOVED your questions!

  3. Gracielle from http://www.mommya-z.com

    I'm so glad I read your #AAF with Tiffany today. Of all days TODAY was the first time I worked out in, well, it's too embarrassing to say how long! Very encouraging to hear you say that all I have to do is invest time. I get overwhelmed thinking about weight goals or calorie goals…I should just focus on setting aside time to go to the gym. If I do that, then I'm already winning!

    1. We all have to start from somewhere and we often get held up by the fact that we haven't in a while. One step at a time. I realized that I could figure out how to make time in the day to exercise, now I just need to choose to eat better. Get to the gym, workout while you're there, and yes, you are WINNING!

    1. Kale chips are super simple. Preheat oven (I've done everything from 350 to 400) Get a bunch of kale, tear (not cut) it apart into bite sized pieces. Add a little olive oil and spices! Spices are the key. You can do something basic like salt and pepper or get a more complex taste with an Italian seasoning. Bake until the edges get dark. The key is to make sure that there's one layer. A whole bunch is only 5 calories and super healthy!

  4. You know you are speaking my language with the mani-pedi!! Brian said he was sure he had to travel back to Jacksonville and I was like … hmm, how far away is April from there?? LOL
    I know what you mean about having to sacrifice me time for workout time. it sucks because you want to have it all but there are just not enough hours in the day!
    Miss you mama!!


    1. Jacksonville is TOO far! But give me some lead time, a cousin is in college there and maybe if she's headed that way, we can go too. Or maybe we could meet up in Orlando. Sometimes the only "free" time is our "me" time, because as much as people want more hours in the day, I'm sure I'd figure out a way to do more things… not workout! LOL! I miss you too!

  5. I just started going back to the gym to take a few classes and I love it. I usually head out almost as soon as my husband gets home from work. We sacrifice a few nights of family dinner for it, but it has been so great to get moving again !

    1. I look forward to being able to do that. With Butterfly solely being breastfed and me being lazy with pumping, I have to stick around to nurse. Then that "right after work" turns into "almost bedtime". Now that we're outnumbered, we kinda need both people here to handle that. My SIL keeps inviting me to these dance classes that I'd love to try!

  6. I just had the thought this week that if I want to be able to exercise I'm going to have to involve my kiddos. They would probably keep after me pretty well too!

    1. I realize that it's much easier to have Bee "help" me or "do" it with me, then try to get her to do something else. Whenever I try to push her away, she comes back with a vengeance. Even kicking the ball around outside can be fun for you and them. Racing is a great fun and easy thing and obstacle courses. They LOVE to chase me!

  7. Hey there!

    Question: Kale. (I was reminded of this by your suggestion of Kale chips.) The one person I knew who tried Kale for the first time had TERRIBLE gas – like stunk his wife out of the room – and now I'm afraid to try it. Is that normal? If so is there anything I can do to mitigate it?

    Hi! Nice to meet you! Let's talk about farts! LOL.

    1. Well, most foods that are more natural will help the digestive system along, causing additional gas. How much did she eat? Yes, if you have more than a cup of it in a serving, you can gas up the place. I suggest, if you're worried, take a Bean-o before. I've never had that problem, but I have heard of others. I suggest trying it when you'll be outdoors for a while, if it's a concern. LOL!

    1. I feel more comfortable and more productive with the laptop, mainly because I can have Butterfly next to me. There's a swing next to the desk, but she only likes it if she's on her way out. So, it's kinda a pick and choose type of thing with this desktop. 🙂

  8. dishofdailylife

    I definitely find its a challenge balancing the kids, working from home and actually getting my workout in. I find if I don't meet someone to run, a lot of times I blow it off, because I always have so much to do. I need to work on that!

    1. I think that's very true. I have hooked up with a cousin who now walks with me everyday. So, I'm having less of those days, but those days when I just don't wanna, I have her saying "I'm waiting."

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