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Another week of Features! Ready, Set, Go!

Feature Friday CIS
Since this is so personal to me and people in my life, my first post comes yet again from San Diego HR Mom. Did you know most women make less than men simply because they never ask or negotiate the way men do? Here are some tips on getting that whole dollar!

Salary Negotiation

I think I go against the norm when I say I only want my child to go to college if they are going to get an applicable degree. I don’t have any problems with people who go to college and major in sociology, but what do you do with that? And how much competition do you have to get the opportunity to do what you went to school for? This is the reason that I want my children to all go to college for a STEM degree. Check out this post from Bonnie at LadyBlogger to find out more.

Finally, since I’m ready to get my reading life back, I really enjoyed this original work by Vashti called Murder She Wrote.

Murder she wote_Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog

The most clicked post of the week includes some great tips from Julie, who also happens to be this next week’s co-host called Breastfeeding – Newborn Stage. Are you struggling with either the decision to breastfeed or breastfeeding itself? This is a great post to answer some of those questions that the doctors don’t tell you!

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Don’t forget to head over to our host Brittnei at Homemaking in Style to find out if you were featured there! Also, check out her post from the week, since she has some great tips for you! Grab a badge for your site!

100lb Countdown


Did you miss these? You may have missed some others too! Make sure that you visit this week’s linkup! Come back Sunday so we can party again! Thanks so much!

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