#AskAwayFriday with Heather

This is my first week with the wonderful Ask Away Friday, yet it’s their 15th week!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with #AskAwayFriday it’s an amazing way to meet new bloggers, make friends and ask some questions to get to know them better!  10 questions are exchanged and answered on your partners blog, you can get as creative as you want and even get into our purses!

Two lovely ladies created #AskAwayFriday…the wonderful Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fab Mom!!

The Real Housewife of Caroline County
This week, I exchanged questions with Heather from the Frill of Life. Heather blogs about her life, love for Jesus and blogging tips! What a trio!
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April, I know you’re a Beachbody consultant and I’ve had some experience with a certain 90-day Beachbody workout in the past. Which is your favorite and why?

ChaLEAN Extreme

As with most of my answers, it’s gray. P90x and Insanity helped me to get the first 40 of 100 pounds off. But I ended up liking ChaLEAN Extreme since it felt like P90x in 30 minutes. Now we have T25 and P90x3, I may have a new favorite soon.

I see you’re a pinner (who isn’t, right?). Have you had any Pinterest fails? Let’s hear about it! Bonus for pictures… lol.

I pin constantly. Unfortunately, I don’t do most of the cooking or craft pins the way I’d like. I have probably done the workouts the most. To answer your question, the biggest fail was trying ammonia to clean my oven. I tried inside and out, yet my oven stayed dirty until I found another solution.

I’ve been trying to get my 5-year old son to open up to more veggies lately. My mom even got him to eat broccoli (one of my favs!) the other day with spray “butter” on it! How do you get your kids eating veggies?

I started feeding my kids veggies as soon as they started eating “real” food. I would puree the veggies straight off the table. The reason I think that makes a difference is that store bought food tastes different than what you cook. So to transition them from milk/formula to store bought to home cooked may just be a little bit too much for them. To get him to eat it now would be as Gina suggests and cut things up small. I also suggest not making veggies a side, but including them in meals, casseroles, sandwiches, anything that isn’t a straight piece of meat and a sife. Incorporate! Don’t be afraid to repeat either. Sometimes kids get stuck on one veggie. Sucks for us adults, but not them.

We’ve also been trying to eat cleaner. Less canned items, less eating out, more whole grains, etc. Is this something your family struggles with, or are you old pros?

Being frugal helps with this. A meal out for us can easily cost $20 (with no leftovers, whereas even an organic chicken at $10, with veggies will be $15 with lunch for at least my husband the next day. So, I would say we’re old pros.

Can we be friends on MyFitnessPal? I could use some more encouragement on there! My username is MrsBoney12. Surely! My name is aprilgrant.

What keeps you motivated during your workouts?

During is never a problem. Getting started, I struggle with. I love the social aspect of working out. You could pretty much get me to do anything if you were doing it with me. By myself, it’s a bunch of excuses. But this year, looking in the mirror keeps me motivated. I don’t like looking and I don’t want that to be a part of my day anymore.

What’s on your workout playlist?

Since most of my workouts are at home, my play list includes the Real Housewives, and many night time drama shows including Scandal! I have a portable did player or my laptop which I play the videos on. Since I’m good on form and know what they’re going to do, I don’t need to hear them. If I’m walking alone, I listen to talk radio… my current favorite is Adam Carolla. I like to think and talking takes my mind off me working out.

What made you want to start blogging?

I’ve kinda talked about this before. I started blogging because I wanted to promote my Beachbody business. As I quickly found out, no one wanted to constantly read about how awesome our products are, and I got bored of writing about it. So, I changed my focus really to be all about me as a Stay at Home Mom.

What makes you want to continue blogging?

The friendships I’m making. There are online women who are becoming close to me. And considering I’m not used to having female friends, I’m not only intrigued, but excited to be able to call some of these women my friends.

I have to ask you…because I ask everyone… What’s under your bed? Bonus points for pictures, of course!


Nothing! I don’t keep or store anything under my bed. I started to put shoes in an organizer under there, but I haven’t found one I like.

Bonus: Answer a question you asked me.

Man, talk about pressure, turning the tables! I’ll choose this one: Did your husband do anything to “woo” you? If so, tell us about it.

First of all, he was just a good friend and I loved it. On our first “date” (he says he didn’t know it was), he took me to dinner, paid, and was a gentleman. It wasn’t until later that I found out he didn’t think it was supposed to be a date (more explanation to tell later). It really impressed me that he went with the flow even though it wasn’t what he thought it would be. It also impressed me that he never came back to me like “I haven’t gotten any from you, but I paid for your dinner unexpectedly”. He never brought up paying either. Since I lived in LA at the time and getting guys to treat for dinner was like pulling teeth, it was mightily impressive.

This has been another edition of Ask Away Friday!

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11 thoughts on “#AskAwayFriday with Heather”

    1. You know, Pinterest is the ultimate vision board! It's what we envision ourselves being and doing, as close to perfection as we can be. But then real life gets in way. LOL!

  1. Stopping by from AAF to read the other posts. Love the reason you started blogging. I'm always interested in learning why others started to blog. As for Pinterest I still can't get the hang of it and I love reading those posts about Pinterest fails. Totally hilarious.

    1. Oh, my board is super organized. But sitting down for a recipe (really buying something outside my norm), and my lack of space for my crafting (my laziness in cleaning it all up), I think the pins are awesome, but rarely get around to doing them. I do want to change that this year though. I think my kids would have fun.

  2. Good idea on incorporating the veggies .. I really need to do better at this. But i just got my Green Giant vouchers in the mail and a year's worth free — veggies are definitely on the menu! LOL
    As far as Pinterest goes … does anyone really do that crap? LOL!


    1. Congratulations! I could use some free veggies for the year. But until that happens, I'll just have to deal with what I got. I know some people do manage to get a lot of that Pinterest stuff done. Not me though!

  3. Funny thing is my oldest and my youngest love their veggies, but my middle one can't stand them. The only way that I can get him to eat them if by putting them in stuff. Though no matter what veggie I make, he is required to eat a spoonful, whether he likes them or not. 🙂 I have trouble getting started on the exercise thing and I seriously need to get to it. I have several workout videos at home to use, and I just have to get up and do it! Have a great week, April!

    1. Start small. Try working out during ONE commercial break of a show that you like. Just get up and walk in place, instead of sitting through it or fast forward through it. 🙂 I've been walking two miles a day without thought. Now time to work on the diet! 🙂

  4. I personally found that my kids always preferred table food over baby food expect for the fruits. So instead of buying the nasty veggies, I would just give my kids some off my plate in small bites.

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