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A few weeks ago, when Lanaya (over at Raising Reagan) talked about her mom spoiled little Reagan, I pretty much brushed it off. Hey, that’s what grandparents are there for, right?

But then it happened to me.

See, until last week, I lived across the country from my in-laws, the grandparents that spoil my children. My son would visit every summer for about a month. He would return spoiled, but after a week, he would be back in his normal (sometimes snotty) mood.

Now, it’s different. He’s been spending almost every day over at the in-laws since we are staying with my SIL until we find a place we want to buy. There’s not a lot of space here, and they have space over there, so he stays there for days on end.

The attitude that comes with him when he returns is AWFUL! He’s a hot mess of a personality. Questioning every little thing… wondering why I would have the audacity to have expectations of him or why he has a BEDTIME!

This back and forth thing is different for us, especially for me. My family doesn’t really spoil my children, so dealing with this as a daily matter is SO different for me.

But I’m going to have to learn to let it go… because this is my new life, one that I happily chose to change our family dynamic. This attitude will come and go and I’ll have to have him reign it in, but also realize that it’s going to happen.

Letting go of this is not just about ignoring it but accepting our new surroundings and family support – which comes with the good (and the bad). I can guarantee, letting go will make things much better.

What are you letting go of this week?

Letting Go




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