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I have a couple of jobs… the first and foremost is Stay at Home Mom. My job is to take care of these two little ones:

Kids for Swim class
Right before swim class

As a SAHM, you know the drill of the long list of things we have to do… so I’m going to talk about what I enjoy:

  • The uncontrollable bouts of laughter! Just being able to sit and enjoy it. While working, I could never really sit and enjoy it because there was always something else to do.
  • Watching my kids play together (or fight together). I never really had these periods of time with my siblings. I enjoy watching the two of them play together for hours – chase each other around and laugh for hours.
  • Less stress! Man, do I not miss the days of early rising, late sleeping and trying to get everything done in between. I don’t have to worry about those things most days. Not to say I get everything done, but I don’t have a problem making sure that I get the things done that I NEED to, without staying up until one am. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be up until one, just means I rarely NEED to be up until one.

No Get Thin Quick SchemesSecondly, I’m a fitness coach, I help people with their health and fitness goals, making them healthier and sexier!

  • I help people! I love helping people! I naturally like lending a hand, and getting things done. I like giving advice (check out other posts on the blog), but I also read a lot and take TONS of advice. I’m a strong believer that I don’t need to go through it to know how to get to the other side. 
  • Watching pounds drop off others! Even though my advice isn’t always taken, enough nuggets of goodness stick, that helps people get over their humps and into smaller pants. The change is remarkable and quite frankly I LOVE watching it happen.
  • Research! I know it bores most people, but I love reading articles on health, finding out what the newest, latest, greatest “diet” scheme is… and how it compares to what Beachbody preaches and what I believe.

Lastly, I also do some side legal and completely unrelated desktop publishing. I love designing things. I like some of the old school products, I don’t use Photoshop, and I make a flyer or design cards regularly. I can do some basic online work too, and I can do most of my own design work, but I love collaborating because working together makes a better product.

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