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This week is a difficult one for me… man, do I sound like a broken record. Although I love technology, I just don’t invest in them because they age too quickly and something “new” is “old” in just a year. So, when I do get it, I treasure it. It’s not often and it’s not a lot. So, here we go!


I love my Samsung Galaxy SIII. This is the first phone in a long while that wasn’t the “free” phone that came with the extended contract. I have not been disappointed. I got a great deal at Costco on it for last year’s Black Friday. Phone, phone case, convertible charger, accessory case – all for $120!


Interestingly enough, I also have a Samsung laptop. I’ve had two prior laptops, both ended up dying within the first year of use… and was slowing way before that. It’s a strong year and a half going for this one, and unless I drop it (cross my fingers), should last another year or longer!


My iPod. I was not nearly as fascinated with it as I am my phone, but right now, it completely occupies my kids attention for HOURS! How could I not like something so simple, but so entertaining!


Nintendo Wii. Besides being able to play games, I can also watch Netflix – FREE! I recently received an XBOX Kinect for a gift and you have to pay to access Netflix and several other things that we already pay for… why do I want to pay for it twice? So, in short, I really appreciate having the Wii and being able to stream services through it. I just wish it were HD. I have the first generation, but it works great, there’s no reason to upgrade!


Stuffed animals. I’m not sure if this counts as a “product”, but all of the stuffed animals that we have completely keep my kids entertained for hours!


This is a duplicate from Things That Make Me Happy! It’s my television and DVR. We have Panasonic television (courtesy of Costco – I love that place), and our Time Warner DVR. I can’t wait to upgrade my DVR service though, having a larger memory card in order to record four shows at a time, but other than that – it keeps me and my family from arguing over the remote! I can always record my things to watch later. I rarely catch anything live and I wouldn’t know when anything is and I’m ok with that!

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