Pictures of Me and My Beau! #TuesdayTopics

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Wow! 9 pictures! Hmmm… this is a challenging one because between the two of us, we rarely take pictures, and then when we do take pictures, it’s normally one of us taking the pictures of the other.

And me and my bestie? We haven’t been in the same room together for years. But I have a close friend where I just went to a wedding!

Mr J and I throughout the Years


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2 thoughts on “Pictures of Me and My Beau! #TuesdayTopics”

  1. Oh April, I loved getting to see all these pictures of you and your beau!! You make a beautiful couple and I know the feeling though of finding pictures of my husband and myself together over the years, too!!

    1. I had to go through discs and discs of photo CDs to find all of these pictures! But I'm glad I did. It was nice to see us grow and change together!

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