Childhood Pictures

Tuesday Topics R2So, week 5 has arrived. I have been dreading this week’s post more than any other, mainly because I only know of one picture before I was 10 and I don’t look back fondly on my childhood.

In the spirit of learning about myself and opening up, I decided to post anyway. I won’t go much into what I feel about my childhood, but here are a couple of pictures… one when I was a baby, one when I was about 9.


childhood pics 002



april at 9

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11 thoughts on “Childhood Pictures”

  1. You were so cute and I know how you feel not in love with concept of posting pics of me as a baby/child either.

    1. It's just hard. I don't have very many..then it makes me think of why I don't have many, some my fault (I hated taking pictures), others not my fault… and there's no way to go back in time and get them. 🙁

  2. I am sorry about how hard it is to look bad at your childhood. for what its worth, you look great in both of those pictures!

    1. thank you. it just brings back not happy memories. ya know? I really wish i could share more – but my children have TONS now!

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