Tuesday Topics – Seven People You’d Like to Meet

Tuesdays Topics

This Tuesday Topics requires some thought. Not because there aren’t some people I’d like to meet, but I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about “hoping” to meet people some day. These are in no particular order.

1. President Barack Obama. Being the first non-white male president is spectacular and I would love to ask him questions about the atmosphere and his decision-making. Of course, I would love to ask him about the economic decisions he made and what brought him to those decisions.

2. Oprah. I’ve never been a fan of her shows by she has an EMPIRE. Would like to find out more about how she built it, and what she plans on doing with her fortune upon her death (is that wrong?)

3. NeNe Leakes. I’m a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan and I LOVE her. I would love to have a nice evening out with drinks. I think it would be a blast.

4. Lisa Vanderpump. See #3. I’m also a huge Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan.

5. My new blogger friends, especially Lanaya Cooper. She’s a blogger at Raising Reagan. She’s awesome and inviting. I hope one day we can sit, have the kids play together and have a drink.

6. Andy Cohen. He is the Executive Producer of most of my favorite shows. How can I not want to meet him and possibly pitch him some ideas?

7. George Clooney. Attractive, smart, single, KIND and rich. I’d love to spend the “day in the life of” with George.

I’m sure there are many more… I just can’t think of them right now. I’m a bit sleep deprived. Ms. B decided she wanted to wake up at midnight and not go back to sleep, unless she was nursing. I’m trying to wean her from nursing because she bites so much. It’s much harder than I thought. Mr. D only took telling him “no” and he didn’t try again unless he was in the dead of sleep. God, he was so easy. I miss that.  I guess I’ll have to read up on weaning. Who would you like to meet?

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Topics – Seven People You’d Like to Meet”

    1. I would definitely have a mini party if I could get all three into a room. I think the only way that would happen would be blackmail. LOL.

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