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I thought this was a good link up to join because I don’t share that much about my life. I want to, but I’m a very private person and there are already things here that I’ve never shared with the people closest to me. Some of my life can be eased by sharing, advice, suggestions, commentary to help me through my issues.

– Write a blog post with the Pit & Peak of your week.
– Pit = The low part
– Peak – The high part
-Follow your hosts
– Link up your post
Jump around, meet some new ladies (and men), and encourage and congratulate!

The Pit

My daughter is teething…again. I feel every tooth that starts to break through her gums. She doesn’t sleep, her eating’s off, and she drives me CRAZY. We were well on the way for her sleeping through the night. Ms. B slept from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. last week, and now only 9 p.m. to midnight, to two a.m. if I’m really lucky. I’m exhausted. Waking up every two hours  has sent me into sleep deprivation again.

The Peak

On the other hand, she is learning so quickly! I’m working on teaching her not to throw her bottle on the floor when she’s done, and I ask her to pick it up and she does! She also had her first crack at drawing crayon-paper which she enjoyed so much that she cried when it was time to move on. This is extremely helpful because unless she’s eating, she refuses to sit in her high chair (and out of the way of my feet while cooking) for a second longer than necessary.

What’s your pit and peak?

10 thoughts on “Pit & Peak Link Up”

  1. I'm also really private, which can make blogging a bit of a challenge for me. So sorry your baby is teething! That is rough, but hopefully she will be feeling better soon.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. 😉

    Your newest follower,


    1. Yes, I love to blog, but I never know how much to share or if I should be sharing. I've heard of some vitriol aimed at some of the moms who share, but they also get a lot of followers and people they help.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love this! My pit is the nasty blowout diaper from my sweet baby (TMI, I know…) and the peak is her constant smiling face. I'm a new mom, can ya tell!? HA HA!

    Stopping by from the giveaway!

  3. April,

    Thanks for linking up with us! I hate to hear about your daughter cutting teeth. I'm not a mom so I can't imagine the sadness you feel for her being in pain, all while being exhausted your own self! Hope that she starts to feel better soon and is back on her way to sleeping thru the night!

    On the other hand, I'm super happy that she is learning so quickly!


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