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You know sometimes when you read or hear something, you insert a meaning or description to what was said to fit yourself? That’s what happened with this week’s prompt.

What it said: 5.) Tell us about the last thing that irritated  you.

What I read: 5.) Tell us about what irritates you.

I’m SO glad that I read it again so that I could actually answer the prompt, otherwise, this would have been a really, REALLY long post.

I’m going to talk about something outside my four walls since those are what I discuss most of the time.

I’ve been running almost every morning for the last week or so (and plan on continuing), and I saw something that completely irritated me.

I have to disclose this first. I don’t like animals – of any kind. I don’t understand why you would want to take care of something that will not ever have the opportunity to move out or take care of you. I’ve never wanted one as a child and the closest I got to pet-care was when my dad left the country for a funeral and wanted to make sure he had living fish when he returned. Probably the easiest job ever and I think I forgot to feed them at least one of the days.

All that said, to each their own. If you want a pet and enjoy it, more power to you. BUT those owners who feel that the rest of us should deal with their choice to have a pet irritate me. During my walk with my daughter, I found two little balls of poop along the walk way.

The park, pictured at the left, is mostly green. The dark areas are baseball fields, the light line in the middle is the pathway. At 9 a.m. this morning, there were probably 40 people walking along the path.

During my walk north, near that white sideways P (which is a parking lot), there will a little ball of poop. Fifty yards further along the path, there was a second. Again, this park is FILLED with grass. Not to say I think it’s cool to have poop in grass, but considering there were people walking along the path, many people walking along the path, it would be courteous not to put it in the walkway of all of these visitors.

It’s obvious that this particular person did not care about care about the other people, but come on! ALL of that grass around this park, and you let your dog poop in the walkway? You can’t get more than a couple of feet from a bunch of grass, no matter where you are in the park.

It irritates me immensely that people don’t pick up their dog’s poop or at least have their dog poop in grass where people aren’t running. Of course, I’d rather them pick up the poop. I wouldn’t want to step in it running through the HIGHLY trafficked park either.

Is this just my irritation?

This Week’s Prompts

1.) What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘plaid’.

2.) Share a moment when you felt surprised.

3.) They’re smarter than they look! Write about a time your child was on to you.

4.) Choose an item you recently pinned on Pinterest and…TRY IT! Was it a success or failure?

5.) Tell us about the last thing that irritated  you.

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