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What to do with my broken bits and pieces….

My life has been easier than some, harder than most. Some of the my challenges are based on my own faults and my own choices.

Each poor choice made is like a shard of glass. Broken away from you. It’s a piece that will never go back into place, but  It’s shiny and sharp.

When you forget it’s there or thought you cleaned it away, you can cut yourself. Even the small pieces can leave a big impact when you take that step in your bare feet onto a seemingly clear floor. And the cut hurts. The pain and the memories of your mistake causes more pain, and until the cut heals, your pain is everlasting. It may become just a feeling in the background, but it doesn’t go away, it lingers like an unwanted guest.

Bits and Pieces

When you work with it, it can be remade into something new – a bottle, a glass, a new object. Recycling those pains make a greater pain, one that’s tangible, larger, bigger, brighter. You can choose to keep it or give it away.

And when you take the shards of glass altogether, you can make a beautiful painting. Each piece working alone may be a piece of trash, but when you put them together, you can create a mosaic that speaks to your heart, your spirit or your mind. Sometimes the best artists are the ones who are in the most pain, because they can take their broken bits and pieces and turn them into something else. Their imagination thrives in the midst of chaos and focusing their pain into one direction creates beauty.

We all have broken bits and pieces, but what to do with them is up to you. I choose to option 3.

I’m spending 31 days writing about how to write your story.
It’s part of the 31 Days Challenge hosted by the Nester.

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