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Seems every parent knows that having a child means that you have an automatic magnet for your keys. My daughter loves my keys, digging in my purse to get them (or my wallet, both signalling my future as a mother of Ms. B).

Well, last week, I was out with the wonderful Ms. B. As I’m sure other babies will attest, she finds her car seat limiting to the amount of trouble she can get into.  That leaves two options for me – a high chair or my arms. Although I love holding my precious baby girl in my arms, I also like to eat in as much comfort as humanly allowable – who doesn’t like to sit her car seat, but rather a high chair and enjoys playing with my keys.

During my lunch became a game of “Pick my Keys Off of the Floor in Between Bites”. Ms. B was well entertained by the “game” she started, laughing each time as I bent down to pick up my keys. After the third time, my girlfriend (who was with me at lunch) suggested I get a retractable key chain. What? I asked. A retractable key chain so that they can throw it, but you don’t have to bend over to find or pick up your keys. It was the PERFECT suggestion! So this is what I bought:

It is the best invention ever! Well, not EVER, but all I do is clip this to her clothes and she can play for minutes (I really wish it were hours) without dropping it on the floor or screaming or crying and whatnot. She was so happy to have it connected to her and kept trying to pull it and it just pulled away and snapped back!

What’s even better is since I keep this device on my keys, I never have to fish in my purse when trying to carry baby, baby bag, purse and whatever else I try to put in my arms. I take it out of the ignition and clip it to my collar – pull it when I get to the door. Works so well for keeping my hands free and getting in and out of the house easy.

What tips do you have to keep your babies entertained in a restaurant?


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